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Machine Translation Services

Bridge your content gap with ALM’s Machine Translation solutions.
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How can you increase translation productivity with machine translation services?

Machine Translation services have been the cause of some debate for many years. Machine Translation is not to be confused with the Translation Memory technology, which is a human translation process. Machine Translation is purely computer generated translation. Human involvement can be added to improve the quality in terms of post-editing the resulting text. The better the input and management, the better the result (translation of your documentation).

Machine Translation, love it or hate it, is here to stay and there are very good reasons to use it in the right context. Having said that, not all types of documentation and language combinations are appropriate for use with Machine Translation. Marketing and high profile content should never be processed through MT. It just simply won’t provide a good result for creative content. However, by considering the following questions and by discussing your requirements with ALM, we can assess whether Machine Translation is appropriate for your company’s translation service requirements.

  1. Do you have a lot of historic content in your required languages which are aligned in language/topic/area (this would be upwards of a million words in the source and target language)?
  2. Do you have budget restrictions for content you would like to get translated?
  3. Is the content for translation, low profile or for internal use only?
  4. Would you actually have more content translated if it could be done at a much lower price?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, ALM can potentially create an efficient machine translation engine from your existing content. However, if you are already receiving huge savings through Translation Memory software, MT might not be be appropriate.

We don’t just use Google Translate to process your documents! We use industry-specific software to create, test and evaluate your content so the output is tailored to your company’s requirements. With continuous training and editing, the MT output could save you money in the long term and drastically reduce lead times. Our expertise lies in languages translated into English. Our biggest success story is the creation of a French to English automotive engine for one of our clients, resulting in savings of around 50% on their translation costs whilst maintaining consistency of their approved terminology across all documentation. Importantly, MT has also helped with our client’s internal communications which has resulted in quick resolution of escalated situations.

Content is growing faster than translators can translate companies’ can afford. Machine Translation can help bridge this gap. Machine translation can be used for a wide variety of applications. What about Q&A content on your website where international customers need instant multilingual support? What if you could communicate with your customers instantly? It may not produce a perfect translation, but with the right content, right training and understanding of expected quality levels, MT might just be for you.

PEMT – Post Editing Machine Translation

Post-editing can take your Machine Translation output to another level. On a per-job basis, post-editing by a human translator can provide a quality level decided by you, for your needs. This edited data is then fed into the core MT environment, where the engine learns from the professional translator’s corrections and input.

Want to read more about how Machine Translation Services can help your company? Take a look at the European Association of Machine Translation’s page for further information or contact ALM Translations today!

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"I’ve reviewed the two documents and first off, I have to say that the translation was really well done - in the past I’ve seen stuff that would give a high score in Scrabble"

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