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People Intouch

Translating into 72 languages and adhering to strict security procedures, ALM is the ideal growth partner for People Intouch

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Who are People Intouch?

People Intouch has provided a safe and secure whistleblowing platform to report misconduct to organisations around the globe since 2004. Headquartered in Amsterdam and led by Managing Directors, Maurice Canisius and Raymond Canisius, the SpeakUp® platform is managed by a team of 50 individuals based in Amsterdam who are passionate about effecting change in organisational culture for the better.

SpeakUp provides a disclosure solution for companies of all sizes, whether public or private, local or international, allowing for the effective detection of corporate wrongdoing. The highest security and privacy standards are maintained to ensure case communications from additional sources such as confidant reports, emails and desk visits are conducted within a safe and secure space.

How does ALM work with People Intouch?

Translation & Localisation

As an ISO 17100-accredited translation agency, ALM Translations has provided an industry-leading service to international organisations since 2002. With in-market specialist translators working across 72 different languages for People Intouch, we are a trusted partner with a reputation for accuracy and value.

ALM provides ongoing translation support for the SpeakUp platform and community pages. Committed to providing a proactive service, ALM also translated and localised the People Intouch commercial website into 12 languages in 2020, demonstrating how our hands-on approach and in-depth understanding of People Intouch’s goals and ethos enables us to deliver outstanding value throughout our projects.

Translation Project Management

ALM has been the ideal growth partner for People Intouch due to our agile approach to project management and flexibility, enabling us to scale resources when needed. With our exceptional blend of talented Project Managers, skilled translators and cutting-edge technology, we are continually servicing the unique and specific requirements necessary for the SpeakUp application.

As a priority, ALM’s Vendor Management team maintains at least 3 active translators per language. Each translator selected for People Intouch is verified through a rigorous interview process, including proficiency testing for all relevant skills. Each team member receives ongoing training on a monthly basis to ensure a consistently high-quality service.


Due to the remit of the SpeakUp platform, ALM has updated its onboarding processes to align with the security requirements of People Intouch. This includes enhanced identity verification, the implementation of data retention agreements, and an orientation programme for staff involved with the account. Any computer systems used by our Project Managers are verified monthly for current and updated operating systems along with active anti-virus software.

Creating Efficient Workflows

Establishing strong relationships and enabling clear and ongoing lines of communication with key members of the People Intouch team has underpinned the success of our projects. Using Jira as part of our workflow, we track and report on issues in real time, allowing us to resolve problems quickly. Positive and negative feedback is recorded and reported every 3 months, playing an integral role in the development of our translators and providing a qualifiable assessment of the quality of our work for People Intouch.


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