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Social media marketing for international audiences

If you are looking to communicate with a global audience, no digital channel comes close to social media in terms of targeting and reach. At ALM Translations, we work closely with brands to create truly engaging multilingual content which ignites conversations across the world.

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Building international communities with organic social growth

Successful multinational businesses invest heavily in developing their organic social presence for a good reason – it significantly improves their brand following and allows them to create an open dialogue with their customers.

This is especially powerful when speaking the language of your international audiences, and can transform your business from a faceless global entity to a locally recognised organisation with a high level of community buy-in.

Highly targeted advertising with paid social ads and boosted posts

Most social media platforms offer better targeting options than any other traditional or digital avenues combined. Interests, behaviour, affluence, location, and many other options can be customised to build the ideal audience for your product or service.

Unlike organic activities, paid social provides near-instant traffic and can be switched off when it’s not required, making it ideal for seasonal campaigns or launching new products. Being pay-per-click means it’s also easy to track results and ensure your ads remain profitable.

Localised content creation for multilingual social media

Every country is unique linguistically and culturally, so what might be a perfectly acceptable post in English may not necessarily translate well into other languages. At best, it won’t make sense, however at worst, this could offend your customers from a particular culture, and when you are dealing with several markets at one time, this risk is amplified.

The power of our international social media support lies in the local knowledge our experts bring to the table, including the way in which users consume social content across the globe.

Although Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular platforms in the west, Baidu’s social platform and VKontakte are far more mainstream in China and Russia, respectively. In Italy, Facebook is used mainly for promotions and competitions, making it unsuitable for long-form content.

Our team is made up of in-country, native-speaking social media managers who provide locally focused strategies and community management, integrated within your existing social media team or as a stand-alone entity.

Exponentially increase social media engagement with a voice tailored for each individual market to meet the demands of your target audiences.

Increase your brand's global digital footprint with localised social media management

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Organic social media growth for engagement with local audiences

  • Penetrate global communities with localised social brand management
  • Outreach conducted by native-speaking experts
  • Account managers based in your target market

Targeted advertising campaigns with paid social ads

  • Promote your products and services to the right people at the right time
  • Ad copy created by native-speaking experts for improved conversion rates
  • Ongoing management and optimisation

International social media platforms supported

  • Experienced platform-specific specialists
  • Unique and engaging creative ad copy production
  • Local language hashtag and keyword research for best possible results

Find out how ALM Translations can help your brand connect with consumers on social media across the globe.

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Digital marketing translation

Expert digital market and linguistic teams based directly in your target markets.

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Voiceover & Subtitling

Localise your video marketing campaigns to appeal to your global audience.

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Global Marketplace Optimisation

Visibility and optimisation for your products internationally on market and industry-relevant global marketplaces.

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