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Why is English localisation important?

Increase engagement across your English-speaking markets with ALM's English localisation service

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All English varieties being the same is a common misconception. An increasing number of companies are realising that clients and consumers prefer to read content created with them in mind. Research has been carried out to this effect, which is why many larger companies look for English editing and localisation services and can see the benefits.

Multinational English-speaking markets

ALM approaches localisation by studying your target markets and identifying how best to reflect your brand and products in those locales. Values, culture and context can vary hugely from country to country, so developing your English content to match its audience perfectly ensures you don’t inadvertently alienate any customers.

American & British English content adaptation

American English adapted for the UK market is our most commonly requested English localisation service. Aside from the obvious spelling and grammar variations, these markets have some extreme cultural differences, including how the language is used and how consumers interact with brands.

Optimise conversions for different English-speaking markets

Providing English localisation services to some of the most successful companies in the world has resulted in outstanding audience engagement for our clients.

With many years’ experience of adapting (and where necessary completely re-writing) English content for all English-speaking audiences, ALM ensures the tone of voice, language style, cultural references, website images, product names and even colours used are optimised for the markets your business is currently or planning on trading in.

British English colloquialisms and cultural references won’t necessarily resonate with Australian audiences for example. In these cases, our localisation experts will create new copy which exactly matches the purpose of the original, whilst making it feel like it has a local voice.

ALM is proud to have an in-house and an external English localisation and editing team working hand in hand to make this possible for a wide range of applications including software and user guides, legal agreements, marketing collateral and product brochures.

English localisation services to give your customers a better experience and give your brand the edge

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Speak to your customers in their own language

  • Values, culture and context differ across English-speaking markets
  • Adapt your content to the market to increase relevance and engagement
  • Produce English content that matches your audience to increase conversions

Millions of words adapted to date and still increasing

  • ALM has established relationships with some global giants, as well as smaller companies
  • Adaptation makes up a significant part of our business offering
  • Translation Memory software is used to save time and costs

Experienced linguists and writers

  • Language leads based in-house, drawing on 20 years' experience
  • Quality assured by ALM's in-house editors
  • ALM's linguistic teams align their style and tone of voice with your brand identity

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