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Voiceover and subtitle translation

Improve performance from your video marketing with video subtitling and voiceover

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Foreign language voiceover and video subtitling services are in increasing demand. Do you need health and safety videos, marketing and promotional videos, product videos or any kind of training videos communicated to your international employees and customers? ALM has noticed a recent surge in requests for these two services, as clients look to increase their digital marketing reach.

Enhanced video content for digital marketing

Cross-platform, video content has emerged as a powerful way to engage your audiences on your website and make your paid ads stand out in the crowd.

If you’ve already invested in quality video production, it makes sense to reposition it for all your target markets and maximise its potential for generating interest in your business.

Native-speaking voice artists for voiceovers

Having supplied us with a brief which includes information on your target audience and the tone and voice you are looking for, we will provide voice samples from our team of professional voiceover artists for your approval.

We use only native-speaking specialists for voiceover projects, so you can be sure your translated videos maintain the quality and messaging of the originals.

Video subtitling for international audiences.

Subtitling is also an option if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution with added SEO benefits.

Including subtitles on your videos is an effective way to increase your visibility on search engines, as the keywords will be indexed from the subtitle text. YouTube subtitles are an especially effective way to improve search performance as the platform shares its ecosystem with Google, helping your website rank better for multilingual searches to improve your organic traffic and increase the overall ROI of your videos.

Throughout the process of developing your subtitles, our team of qualified native-speaking specialists adapts the messaging of your source content to your target market’s brand values, ensuring the end product is culturally sensitive and appropriate for your intended audience.

ALM will also provide technical guidance on video formatting so you can be sure your content provides the best possible user experience.

Video translation process

ALM takes your video and transcribes it to create a time-coded document to be used for voiceovers or subtitling. Translations can then be carried out using Translation Memory technology to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient workflow. If you have existing approved terminology, this can be used in the translation to ensure we incorporate your preferred phrases and terms, which can be correctly referenced during the voiceover.

Due to the nature of this type of work, we recommend a linguistic sign-off before any studio work begins. This avoids unnecessary costs if you want to make any changes to the text. In-country review teams can also be looped into the workflow to ensure that the content to be voiced is exactly how you want it to be.

Following studio work, our engineers work on your project according to your specifications and lay over the voiceover, subtitles or on-screen text before delivering a final, finished product back to you.

The benefits of using a professional voiceover and subtitling company

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Extensive choice of native-speaker professional voiceover artists

  • Voice samples provided to help you select your preferred voice profile to match your brand identity
  • Studio-quality recordings with post-production editing
  • Technical expertise to integrate localised voice in your videos

Transcription and subtitle translation

  • Native-speaker transcribers generate scripts for localisation
  • Professional subtitlers generate timed script
  • Subtitles embedded in video output

Video marketing improves engagement with your brand

  • YouTube subtitles created and optimised for SEO in all languages
  • Make your international campaigns stand out
  • Improve ROI by localising your video campaigns

Create engaging video content for your global customers

Contact us today to find out how ALM can help you with video marketing for your international audience.

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