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Patent translation services

Expert patent translation services to support patent filings and litigation materials
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A professional patent translation service

If you’re looking for professional patent translation services, ALM Translations has been providing this service to its clients since  2002.

When it comes to filing patents or for documentation relating to litigation disputes, using a professional patent translation service is your best option, as you can guarantee that the translations have been carried out by specialist patent translators who understand the nature of the language and terminology used in patents and litigation materials.

It is a legal obligation to have patents translated in some cases, particularly the claims.

For a patent to be considered and approved, most patenting offices (in different countries) expect patents to be submitted in their own language.

Using ALM Translations’ patent translation service will ensure that the whole process is smooth.

Why use ALM Translations?

You can rest assured that our translators are patent translation experts. Quality is monitored and maintained by our in-house team of patent translation reviewers, who are experienced in all aspects of patent translation.

Patents are written in a specific language, which is something our team of patent translators understands. Subject matter can also be highly complex. Not all translators can translate patents, which is why we test and monitor our patent translators on a regular basis.

Our expertise extends to other IP-related documentation. In addition to patent specifications and claims, ALM Translations’ patent translation services translates:

  • Patent infringement cases
  • Litigation material
  • Abstracts
  • European patent validations
  • National patent validations
  • Drawings
  • IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) preparation documents, including NPL (Non-Patent Literature), which must be translated for the IDS to be considered
  • Trademark descriptions

With many years of proven experience in professional patent translation and translation of other IP-related documents and with clients including leading patent attorneys and the European Parliament, you can be assured that your patents will be translated accurately and will conform to current legislation.

As well as European patents, we also have experience in translating Japanese patents.

If are looking for professional patent translation services, ALM Translations would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us today to discuss your translation needs, whether a one-off translation or an on-going requirement. 

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