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Arabic document translation

Arabic document translation and language services
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Arabic translation services with proven experience

Using professional Arabic translation services guarantees accuracy and quality that you won’t get by using free translation tools.

Professional-quality documents will give you the edge, in any language.

We use highly qualified professional human translators who are highly-skilled experts in their field.

In 2017, there were approximately 184 million Internet users in Arabic-speaking countries and this will only continue to increase. When reaching out to potential customers and businesses in these markets, translation services will be appreciated, make a good impression and make a positive difference.

Research shows that consumers and businesses are far more likely to buy in their own language, even if they understand another. Professional translations will help your company to build relationships with clients in Arabic-speakers on the Internet.

Your customers will appreciate a high-quality Arabic version of their manuals, marketing materials, business cards, and other commercial documentation.

We also offer comprehensive Arabic translation services. Our translators are native speakers of Arabic with expertise in different fields of industry.

We translate the following documents into and from Arabic

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Automotive
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • IT
  • Medical
  • Commercial

A bit about the language

Arabic is the official language of the 22 countries that make up the Arab League, with member countries stretching from east to west from the United Arab Emirates to Mauritania, and from Iraq in the north to Somalia in the south.

Arabic is spoken as a first language by an estimated 240 million people. Modern Standard Arabic is an official language in 27 states. Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world and using a professional Arabic translation service is the best way to communicate with your target audience.

The key industries

The United Arab Emirates is now among Britain’s top 10 export partners, and Arabic is fast becoming one of the most globally-translated languages. The UAE is renowned for industry sectors including mining, iron and steel, manufacturing, construction, motor vehicle and parts, real estate, tourism and retail.

 What are the benefits of using ALM Translations’ Arabic translation services?

  • Providing Arabic document translation services since 2002,our translators are experienced professionals.
  • Having recruited some of the best in-country Arabic and mother-tongue translators, ALM can confidently offer expert Arabic translation services across a wide range of subject areas
  • Our translators also have a deep understanding of the culture of the various Arabic-speaking countries, essential when targeting customers and businesses in the Arab League. 
  • As a technology expert, ALM translations utilises Translation Memory software where appropriate. Using this software leads to cost savings and ensures consistency throughout all translated documents and can also be used when translating the Arabic language.
  • Being able to work with files from brochures through to web pages, ALM offers its clients a full service from translation to DTP for a complete service.

Research shows that consumers and businesses are far more likely to buy in their own language, even if they understand another. Make sure your translations work for you.

Contact ALM Translations to find out how we can help you engage with your customers and grow your business in a global market.

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"I have been working with ALM Translations since 2013 and have been impressed with their expert translations and their professionalism. They have a clear understanding of our specific line of business, which was a key requirement from the start. I have found ALM’s customer service to be highly efficient and we are now adding new languages to our requirements."

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