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French Translation Services

A translation company for marketing materials and technical manuals translations into and out of French

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French is an official language in 29 countries worldwide, is one of the six official languages of the UN, and is the third most commonly spoken language in the European Union. With over 270 million speakers worldwide, French is a core business language for international companies.


ALM Translations provides professional French translation services, into and out of French from various languages to businesses all over the world. We are regarded as an essential international communications partner thanks to our extensive experience in translating a wide range of documents across a variety of industries.


In-market French translators

All of our French translators are qualified and highly experienced professionals who work exclusively into their native language. We carefully vet, train and assess our linguists to maintain a consistently high quality of work and we hand-pick translators for your project based on their professional work experience.


French Localisation

ALM’s translators ensure that they capture the cultural nuances and tone of the original source text in order to make sure that the brand message is adapted correctly and communicated effectively for your target audience. Understanding how to adapt content to resonate both factually and emotionally is critical for ensuring high levels of engagement, especially for promotional and other marketing campaigns.


Where is French spoken?

As well as France and French Overseas Territories, French is widely spoken around the world. In Europe, countries with French as an official language include Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco. Outside of Europe, it is used in Canada and in many northern and central African countries.

This diverse range of cultures means that localisation for the specific target market is key, as there are variations in terminology and grammar as well as cultural aspects that must be taken into consideration for optimal results.


Key French industries

France has Europe’s third-largest economy, which is significantly dominated by the service sector, followed by the industrial sector. It also features in the top ten largest economies in the world by both nominal figures and PPP.








Fashion and luxury goods

What documents do we translate into and from French?

ALM Translations can help you with all document types. Technical documentation, including technical, marketing collateral and legal translations, is our most popular service for translating into and out of French. Notably, we have built an enduring and cooperative partnership with Peugeot as one of their official language service providers since 2002.

Technical drawings and manuals


Legal and regulatory documents

Marketing materials

Websites & SEO services


With an extensive experience of working within the French market, ALM Translations is the ideal communications partner for enabling your brand to do business with your customers, no matter where in the world they’re located.


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