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Italian translation services - communicate with your Italian customers

As a nation renowned for high-quality products, Italian customers will appreciate professional translations

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Spoken by nearly 70 million people in the EU alone, Italian is not just the official language of Italy but also San Marino, Vatican City and Switzerland and is recognised as a minority language in Slovenia and Croatia. It also still plays a significant role in parts of East and North Africa. It is estimated that 85 million people worldwide speak Italian, with 13.4 million people able to speak Italian as a second language in the EU.

There are many regional Italian languages which vary considerably from Standard Italian in terms of grammar, syntax and vocabulary, such as Neapolitan, Sicilian and Venetian.


In-market professional Italian Translators

In order to provide the perfect translation for your desired target audience, ALM Translations uses only in-market, native-speaking Italian translators. This ensures a consistently excellent quality of work that is culturally appropriate for the Italian market.


Italian Localisation

As there are considerable variations in dialect for the Italian market, we highly recommend localising your content in order to engage with your desired audience as much as possible. Values, colloquialisms and language are very different in areas such as Sicily when compared to cosmopolitan Rome, and getting the tone just right is proven to have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. Our localisation experts are experienced in working with an array of media, from website copy and social media collateral to billboard advertisements and local press releases.


Key Italian industries

Italian industry is renowned for high-quality, artisan products and craftsmanship. Dominant verticals include the automotive and textile industries. Other sectors include tourism, chemicals, and iron and steel. Using professional Italian translation services is the easiest and best way to promote your product or service in Italian-speaking markets. As a nation renowned for high-quality products, Italian customers will appreciate professionally translated documents to accompany the products and services that you are marketing.






Food & Drink



What documents do we translate into and from Italian?

With such a diverse range of industries prevalent in Italy, ALM is experienced in translating texts for nearly all commercial purposes including:

Legal documents

Official papers

Equipment manuals


Brochures and guides for tourists


To find out how ALM can help you with your Italian translation and localisation requirements, get in touch and speak with one of our experts today.



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