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Japanese Translation Services

As the third largest economy - Japanese is a must for businesses

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With a population of over 125 million, Japan is one of Asia’s largest markets, providing exciting opportunities for businesses searching for overseas growth. Japan is culturally and linguistically distinct from both Western European languages and norms and those of its neighbouring countries – differences that mean it is vital to use a high-quality, experienced professional language service provider to supply your translations.

In-market Japanese translators

In order to maintain the highest quality of work, ALM Translations uses in-market translators. That means that any translated work you receive from us has been undertaken by a native-speaking Japanese translator based in-market.

Our UK-based project managers are provided with continuous training to ensure a consistently excellent level of customer service, and our internal processes are designed as such to keep translation times as fast as possible without compromising on accuracy.


Japanese Localisation

As with all translations, localisation is critical for ensuring that words and phrases read with the same intent in the target language as the source language. Many examples can be found of company names, slogans and promotions that have not been properly localised for the Japanese market, with results that are at best comical, and at worst, offensive. Our team of localisation experts ensure that translations are suitable for your target market and will be received in the way you intended.

Developing and maintaining relationships with Japanese companies requires a strategic approach, which will not usually happen overnight. ALM Translations’ expert translators have a deep understanding of Japanese business culture, which is essential when targeting customers and businesses in Japan.

Japanese consumers and businesses are far more likely to buy in their own language. It is therefore an advantage to have websites, manuals and other business documentation translated into Japanese. Leveraging over 20 years of expertise, ALM Translations can help your business activities appear more local and, in turn, achieve your goals, whether that’s increasing sales, communicating more effectively with your customers, or competing on a level playing field with companies based in Japan.


Where is Japanese spoken?

Japanese is the national language of Japan. Outside of Japan, the largest Japanese population can be found in Brazil, mostly concentrated in São Paulo, where there is an emigrant community of about 1.4 million people. There are also significant Japanese-speaking populations in Hawaii, the wider United States and the Philippines.

Even though English is fairly widely spoken in Japan, Japanese is still the main language of business. This is why it makes sense to use a professional human translator for all your Japanese documentation.


Key Japanese industries

Service industries are among the major sectors in Japan, along with power generation equipment, the automotive industry, scientific equipment and life sciences. Due to the shrinking domestic market, Japanese companies are looking to enter overseas markets and to collaborate with companies offering training, project management, finance and consultancy.

Power Generation


Scientific & Life Sciences


Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and is famous for being Asia’s high-tech powerhouse. With an increasingly globalised outlook and consumers with relatively high levels of disposable income, Japan is a key target market for many companies in English-speaking countries.


What documents do we translate into and from Japanese?

ALM Translations’ two founders formerly worked for a Japanese company and brought their talents to the company in 2002. We work with a diverse range of expert translators in various fields of industry, including all aspects of manufacturing, life sciences, medicine and medical devices, engineering and electronics, finance and legal, among others

User manuals

Promotional Material

Legal documents


To find out how ALM can help you with your Japanese translation and localisation requirements get in touch to speak with one of our experts today.


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