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Professional Polish Translation Services

Poland is Europe’s 6th largest economy and a key supplier to markets worldwide

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Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Poland’s economy has emerged as one of the most successful of the former-Eastern Bloc states. Seeing continued growth for the last 28 years, it was one of the only EU states to avoid a downturn during the 2007-2008 recession.

As the 6th-largest economy in Europe, Poland’s diversified nature enables it to be a top exporter of machinery, electronic equipment, vehicles, furniture and plastics, making it a key supplier to markets worldwide.

In-market Polish translators

To ensure our translations are of the highest quality, ALM uses rigorously vetted in-market translation specialists. With UK-based project management and ongoing training and assessment provided for all our staff, you can be certain that all work provided will consistently be of an excellent standard.

Polish localisation

Localisation is a key conversion factor for all communications designed for an overseas market. Our Polish localisation service ensures your brand speaks the language of its intended audience like a local, from offline advertising material such as press advertisements and brochures, to websites and social media posts.

Polish language

The Polish language has been used by the majority of Poland’s population for centuries. This Slavonic language belongs to a subgroup called Lechitic languages that also includes Czech and Slovak, and the Sorbian languages from eastern Germany.

The modern written form was first used in the 16th century during which time its origin can be traced back to the Poznań area. Nowadays, this dialect has become the standard form, known by locals as Polonia.

Where is Polish spoken?

The Polish language is centred almost entirely around Poland where it’s the official language. Nearby countries including the Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia also have sizable first-language Polish minorities, and there are large Polish communities further afield in the USA and UK due to migration after World War II. More recently, the EU expansion has seen a significant influx of Polish speakers to the UK, and some businesses regularly translate documentation and signage into Polish in order to communicate with their Polish-speaking workforce.

Key Polish industries

Traditionally, Poland’s key industries were agriculture, manufacturing and mining, however over the last decade, the landscape has diversified significantly.





Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Defence and aerospace

IT & communications technology

What documents do we translate into and from Polish?

We have the capacity to translate all Polish documents including:

Commercial presentations

Technical documents & manuals

Legal & legislative texts

Regulatory documentation

Are you in need of Polish translation services? If so, speak to one of our specialist project managers today and find out how ALM can seamlessly integrate with your team.


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