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Professional Italian translations for all uses
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Why professional Italian translation services?

Who is your target audience?

Italian is spoken as a first language by approximately 64 million people, and around 21 million people speak Italian as a second language.

Italian is the official language of Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, San Marino, and Malta and a recognised minority language in Slovenia and Croatia.

Italian industries are renowned for high quality, artisan products and quality craftsmanship. Dominant verticals include the automotive and textile industries.

Other sectors include tourism, chemicals and iron and steel.

Using professional Italian translation services is the easiest and best way to promote your product or service in Italian-speaking markets.

As a nation renowned for high-quality products, Italian customers will appreciate professionally translated documents to accompany the products and services you are marketing and promoting.

With services ranging from translation, transcreation, transcription, DTP through to content creation, keyword research and website localisation, ALM Translations’ services will ensure that your text is pitched just right, to reach the right audience and provide them with content that will match the high-quality standard of your original English document.

Tailored translation solutions

Each request has different requirements, and this is something we always take into consideration.

To ensure that you are getting the right service for what you need, ALM offers three different service levels.

Read it: for internal documentation, where the translation must be accurate, but is not to be used for marketing purposes. This service is ideal for internal communication, documents for information only and low visibility documents that you aren’t going to publish.

Use it: for high-visibility documents, such as marketing materials, content creation, legal documents and medical information.

Create it: If you’re looking for crafted content, for marketing campaigns, websites and other creative documentation, this service is the one to choose.

Find out more about our service levels here: https://www.almtranslations.com/about-alm-translations/buying-translations/

Translation makes the business world go around. ALM’s professional Italian translation service is here to help. Drop us a line or fill in our quote form and we’ll get back to you shortly to answer your query.



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