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Spanish Translation Services

With around 440 million speakers - can you afford not to use a professional Spanish translation company?

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ALM Translations provides professional Spanish to English/English to Spanish translation services to businesses all over the world.
With around 440 million speakers around the globe, what’s the best way to reach and engage with them? Professional translation services give you opportunities, by speaking to your target audience in their own language.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with around 400 million speakers. This represents approximately 6% of the world’s GDP.

Spain, flamenco dancing

With a service offering to suit every need, from marketing translations to highly technical and business documents, ALM has become a preferred translation provider for many large international translation companies and direct clients around the globe.

How do you know that our translations are accurate and professional quality and why does it matter?

ALM Translations has been providing professional Spanish translation services to its clients since 2002. We have several Spanish native speaking project managers which give us the advantage of understanding Spanish-speaking markets and creating the best translation workflows, with the aim of saving you costs, without ever cutting corners. In addition to project managers, our team of linguists and localisation engineers play a key part in delivering professional quality translations, with the ability to meet tight deadlines when required.

Spanish translations with secondary revision are also covered by ISO17100 – the translations management standard.

What do we translate into and from Spanish?

Sectors we work with include telecommunications, automotive and related supply chain, finance, construction, textiles and chemicals. ALM Translations’ Spanish translation services are carried out by professionals with specialist knowledge in their field of industry.

Here are some examples of the type of work we do:


  • Technical specifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical manuals
  • Software
  • User guides
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Analytical testing reports

Legal and regulatory documents:

Legal translations go through an additional revision step prior to delivery back to you because of the potential consequences of errors.

  • Court documents
  • Employment contracts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • HR documents
  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • Insurance documents
  • Annual reports


Buyers and consumers prefer to buy in their own language. For the best results, websites and marketing materials should be translated and localised. Reaching your customers in their own language is the key to business success.

  • Websites
  • Social media posts
  • Content creation
  • Online and offline marketing content
  • Branding campaigns

Spanish is an official language in 20 countries and is spoke in 44 countries around the world including the US, which has around 41 million speakers. Our services include Latin Americal Spanish and European Spanish. Only native speakers from each location are used to provide the right ‘flavour’ of Spanish. Although Spanish speakers will understand all Spanish variants, the idea is to make your target audience feel ‘at home’ with your translated content.

Are you buying the right service?

Some documents are for information only and others require a secondary review or even copywriting.

We don’t just provide translations. We also offer subtitling, voice-overs, transcription services, proofreading, editing and transcreation.

Why not get a quote on your next project? We will work with you to ensure that we provide the best workflow, which will include cost savings where possible and faster delivery times if needed.

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