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Welsh translation services

Did you know ALM Translations offers a professional Welsh translation service?

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While Welsh is a minority language in the United Kingdom, it has strong governmental support requiring official bodies in Wales to provide services in Welsh as well as English. In 2017, the Welsh Government drew up a strategy to ensure the Welsh language remained an active spoken and written medium, with an aim to increase the number of Welsh speakers to 1 million by 2050. It is estimated that currently over 29% of the population in Wales can speak the language, equating to 892,200 people. The 2011 Welsh Language Measure gave the Welsh language official status in Wales, demonstrating how the ancient language is being reclaimed in all settings in this market including in politics, business and education.

ALM Translations offers its clients excellent Welsh translation services, and with proven experience of working with this language for several years, ALM is a preferred Welsh translation partner of many international companies.


In-market Welsh translators

In order to provide the highest-quality translations, ALM uses native-speaking Welsh translators for all of our Welsh translation projects. Our translators ensure your copy reads in Welsh exactly as you intended and vice versa when translating from Welsh to English. All of our translators receive regular training and assessment to ensure they meet our high standards, enabling us to consistently produce excellent results.

As well as translation, ALM Translations offers additional linguistic services in Welsh. These include ad hoc, conference and telephone interpreting, videos and voice-overs, transcription services, subtitling, proofreading, editing and transcreation.


Welsh localisation

As with all markets, localisation is the key to engaging your target audience and increasing the conversion rates of all of your marketing channels. Welsh is divided into Northern and Southern dialects which differ in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Our localisation experts will make sure your texts are appropriate for your audience whether for online or offline publishing.


Where is Welsh spoken?

With an estimated 892,200 native speakers, Welsh is spoken predominantly throughout Wales and in Y Wladfa, the Welsh colony in Chubut Province in Argentina, as well as parts of the USA and Canada. Welsh itself is a descendent of a pre-Roman Celtic language spoken by the Britons in the Early Middle Ages.

Despite English replacing Welsh as the most widely spoken language within Wales in the 19th century, Welsh has experienced a resurgence in popularity. In 1993, Welsh was given an official status in Wales for the first time and became a compulsory subject for all learners in Wales in 1990.


Key Welsh industries

Once one of the world’s largest coal mining regions, Wales is now more synonymous with renewable energy and other environmental industries. Other key industries in Wales include agriculture, aerospace and construction, with the manufacturing sector generating the biggest revenue for the country.

Renewable energy & environment




Agriculture and forestry


What documents do we translate into and from Welsh?

ALM Translations can help with all your Welsh translation needs. Some of the most common documents we translate include:

Software (UI)

User Guides (UA)


HR policies

Marketing materials


Subtitling and multimedia translations


Get in touch with ALM Translations today and discover how our Welsh language experts can support you with your translation requirements.


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