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Engineering Translation: Expanding Into New Markets

Posted 16 January 2023

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Is your engineering business looking to expand into new markets overseas?

In engineering, precision is key – and this extends to the language used when communicating with clients and business partners overseas.

To communicate with international clients and business partners, it is essential to have a good grasp of the language and cultural nuances. If you intend to rely on word-for-word translations in your marketing to break into new markets and hit the ground running, the content may fail to resonate with the target market and ultimately fall flat.

By investing in a translation service, your engineering business can ensure that any overseas branding and marketing is accurate and culturally relevant. A localisation specialist will have a solid understanding of local colloquialisms and idioms as well as provide an accurate representation of your message, enabling you to expand with confidence.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Translation services are critical for businesses breaking into new markets.
  • Localisation specialists have an in-depth understanding of language and culture.
  • Transcreation and localisation ensure content resonates with the target market.
  • Technical translations for engineering are typically literal due to the accuracy required.
  • Word-for-word translations will likely fail to resonate with the target market.

Let’s take a step back to consider why engineering translation and localisation services are necessary for expanding into new markets.

Engineering Transcreation (What is it?)

Transcreation is the process of adapting an existing message in a way that ensures it resonates with its intended audience. This involves careful consideration of cultural differences, localised language nuances and any industry-specific elements that need to be taken into account. It essentially bridges the gap between translation and copywriting.

For engineering businesses selling products and services to international markets, this is a crucial process. Transcreation will ensure that the tone and style of any material intended for overseas audiences are appropriate and effective. To communicate the technicalities of a product or service, the text must use localised language and terminology.

This will enable you to accurately represent your brand abroad, rather than relying on literal translations that strike the wrong chord with potential customers.

If prospective or existing clients are not on the same page, it could have a detrimental effect on the reputation of your business.

Transcreation Services (Why do they matter?)

By keeping the essence of the original message intact, transcreation avoids the risk of losing accuracy while ensuring that any new content remains true to the brand’s voice. In the case of engineering, transcreation services can help to ensure that the tone and language used in any international marketing reflect the company’s values, technical capabilities and services.

Technical Engineering Translations (What’s the process?)

It’s important for technical translations for engineering to be literal and accurate to ensure that the translated materials are clear and precise. Engineering is a highly technical and precise field, where even small mistakes or misunderstandings can have serious consequences. This requires a high level of attention to detail and a thorough understanding of both the source and target languages, as well as the technical concepts being translated.

By providing literal and accurate translations, technical translators for engineering can help ensure that the translated materials are useful and effective for their intended audience.

Exploring The Potential of New Markets? Contact ALM Translations

ALM Translations supports engineering businesses in bridging the language and cultural gaps that exist between them and their international clients. To enter a new market with confidence and firmly establish yourself as a key player, our team of linguists can help to ensure that the technical content is accurately represented to overseas markets.

From marketing collateral to user manuals, you can leverage our transcreation and localisation services to ensure that your content is clearly understood by overseas markets.


To learn more about our translation services for the engineering industry, please get in touch.


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