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How manufacturing & automation companies localise content using translation services

Posted 17 August 2022

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To communicate successfully with international clients and business partners, manufacturing and automation companies need high-quality translation services that account for the unique terminology of the manufacturing and automation industries.

Word-for-word translations are not enough. A good translation will take into account the specific context surrounding the text and render the meaning in a way that is natural and easily understood by native speakers.

With decades of experience in technical translation, ALM Translations is the perfect partner for all your manufacturing and automation translation needs – whether you need to translate product documentation, user manuals, websites or marketing materials.

Four potential use cases for translation services:

Manufacturing & automation translation services (4 use cases)

Translate vital resources, such as user guides and manuals

You can leverage technical language services to translate manuals, user guides and software for your customers in overseas markets. This will ensure that everyone can operate your machinery and equipment safely and correctly.

ALM Translations has a team of experienced translators who understand the technicalities of the manufacturing and automation industries such as commercial glazing specialists. We also use the latest translation technology to streamline the translation process and ensure consistent quality across all projects.

Using your approved terminology, we can help you to create multilingual versions of your product documentation, user manuals and software, at a rapid pace.

Develop or create OMM documentation in multiple languages

Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) documentation needs to be accurate and up to date so that work is carried out correctly and effectively across all markets you operate in. Technical translation services can help you to create or update your OMM documentation in multiple languages. Using a translator with experience in your industry will ensure that the OMM documentation is fit for purpose and translated accurately.

Repurpose marketing materials across different territories with localisation

When it comes to marketing your products and services to a global audience, it’s important to use language that resonates with your target market. A technical translator with experience in the manufacturing and automation industries can help you to adapt your marketing materials for different overseas markets, ensuring that the key messages are communicated effectively.

Technical translation services are a must-have for any manufacturing or automation company that wants to move into overseas markets with confidence. ALM Translations has the expertise to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your translations are accurate, fit for purpose and delivered on time.

Create translations of certificates for use in overseas markets

Last-minute changes to certificates can result in costly delays. You can use technical translation services to create translations of industry-recognised certifications for use in overseas markets. The translator will understand the requirements of different certification bodies and ensure that the translations meet all the necessary requirements.

ALM Translations has a team of experienced translators who understand the technical requirements of the manufacturing and automation industries. If you require an expedited translation of certificates for use internationally, we can assign additional resources to your project and deliver the translations on time.

How can you get started with localisation?

ALM Translations has worked with leading brands in the manufacturing and automation industries, such as Ishida Europe since 2002.

Supporting organisations in their efforts to communicate globally and break into new markets, we offer you fast, high-quality technical translation services to meet your unique requirements. From technical translations of manuals and user guides to website localisation, our team of expert translators can be an essential part of your international growth goals.


If you want to learn more about our translation services for the manufacturing and automation sectors, please get in touch today.

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