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Life Sciences Translation: How Cleaning & Infection Prevention Businesses Can Expand into New Markets

Posted 08 June 2023

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Is your life sciences company poised for expansion into international markets with cleaning and infection prevention products and services?

In the field of life sciences, accuracy is paramount – a principle that also applies to the language employed while liaising with overseas clients and business partners.

Cleaning has been a key driver in the infection control market boom. The infection control market is estimated to be worth $50.0 billion in 2022 (based on revenue) and is projected to reach $58.3 billion by 2027.

To effectively engage with global clients in the world of life sciences, particularly those looking for cleaning and infection prevention products and services, it’s vital to gain a deep understanding of the cultural subtleties that make all the difference in communication. If your marketing strategy hinges solely on literal translations to penetrate new markets, you may fail to strike a chord with the target market.

The emergence of new technologies such as antimicrobial coatings, UV disinfection devices, and AI-driven hygiene monitoring systems has revolutionised the industry. These innovations underscore the need for effective communication and accurate translations, not only to demonstrate technical proficiency but also to ensure adherence to international standards.

By partnering with a translation service, your life sciences company can ensure that any overseas promotional efforts are culturally pertinent and precise. A localisation expert will possess a firm grasp of local idioms and colloquialisms. This knowledge will prove invaluable as they strive to accurately convey your message as part of your global expansion efforts.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key points:

  • Translation services are crucial for global expansion in cleaning and infection prevention.
  • Expert translators are needed for specialised terminology in this sector.
  • Localisation experts possess a profound understanding of language and culture.
  • Technical translations in life sciences are typically prioritise precision over creativity.
  • Literal translations are unlikely to resonate with your target market in terms of marketing approach but are more appropriate for conveying clinical information.
  • Transcreation and localisation can uphold international safety regulations.


Let’s explore why translation and localisation services are crucial for entering new markets.

Life Sciences Transcreation for Cleaning & Infection Prevention Products & Services

Transcreation is the art of moulding an existing message to deeply resonate with the target audience. This involves meticulous attention to cultural disparities, localised linguistic nuances, and any sector-specific components that warrant consideration. Transcreation creates a bridge between translation and copywriting, going a step further than the two separate disciplines.

This process is essential to cleaning and infection prevention businesses offering products and services internationally. Transcreation ensures the tone and style of content crafted for overseas audiences are fitting and effective. To communicate the intricacies of a product or service and connect with audiences, the content must incorporate localised language and terminology.


Transcreation Services (Why Do They Matter?)

If you want to offer a faithful representation of your life sciences brand overseas, this can enable you to avoid the common pitfalls of literal translations that prevent you from connecting with potential customers. When you can get on the same wavelength as your potential customers, it empowers you to position your life sciences products and services in the right way.

By preserving the essence of the original message, transcreation mitigates the risk of loss in accuracy while maintaining the brand’s voice in new content. In life sciences, transcreation services can help ensure that the tone and language used in your international marketing successfully echo the company’s ethos, scientific competencies and range of services.


5 Key Benefits of Transcreation Services for Cleaning & Infection Prevention Businesses

In the case of marketing cleaning and infection prevention products and services, transcreation offers the following benefits:

  1. Transcreation tailors messages according to local norms, fostering cultural trust.
  2. It maintains the accuracy of cleaning method details.
  3. This process conserves brand identity across different markets.
  4. It helps align products with local expectations, increasing acceptance.
  5. Transcreation also considers local regulations, ensuring compliance.


How Cleaning & Infection Prevention Businesses Can Leverage Transcreation Services to Break into New Markets

Imagine a cleaning and infection prevention business planning to introduce a new disinfectant product to an overseas market. Their marketing message cleverly uses a play on words that is culturally specific to their home market. In a direct, literal translation, this play on words may lose its meaning entirely, causing confusion or even unintentional offence in the new market.

This is where the process of transcreation is needed. A transcreation expert takes the essence of the original marketing message and recreates it to be both culturally appropriate and understandable in the foreign market, while still preserving the overall sentiment of the original message. This approach ensures the product’s appeal and marketing impact remains consistent and strong across different cultural contexts.

Technical Life Sciences Translations (How Do They Work?)

Technical translations in life sciences need to be closer to the original source text and accurate to ensure clarity and precision in the translated materials. Life sciences is often a highly technical and precise domain, where minor errors or misinterpretations could lead to significant repercussions. This calls for a high level of meticulousness and an in-depth understanding of both the source and target languages, as well as the scientific concepts being translated.

Ready To Explore New Markets? Contact ALM Translations

ALM Translations helps cleaning and infection prevention companies in the life sciences sector bridge the language and cultural divides separating them from their international clientele. To confidently step into a new market and establish your presence, our team of expert linguists ensure that the scientific content is accurately presented to foreign markets.

From marketing materials to technical information, make use of our transcreation and localisation services to ensure that your content is readily understood in foreign markets.


To discover more about our translation and localisation services for the life sciences industry, please contact us.

Life Science Translations

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