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Multilingual content marketing

Posted 11 July 2018

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What is a multilingual content marketing strategy? Your global marketing strategy should include your marketing translation agency!

How can you guarantee your global marketing success at an international level? The answer: partner with your translation agency and work together to achieve your multilingual content marketing goals.


A marketing translation agency’s role is no longer just isolated to supporting translation requests but can stretch as far as being a great partner to your internal marketing department. Working hand in hand as a team, and not as separate entities, allows a much stronger approach to any strategy.

Do you have in-house employees who have the right language skills but don’t have the time to translate and who have amazing company knowledge that they can share with your marketing translation company? Are you looking for automation on your website to save time and money?

Many multilingual marketing challenges can be met head-on with good team work. Translations should also represent your global brand and message, allow for a consistent voice in the target country and be ready to capture and motivate your audience. Don’t leave your customer experience confused and damaged by inconsistent brand messages!

Use the expertise of a marketing translation agency to help advise your company on how to score international goals and succeed in foreign markets through translation of your online and offline content.



Plan where your marketing translation agency fits in to your multilingual content marketing strategy. Don’t leave it to the last minute  – translating and crafting multilingual content takes just as long as creating the English. Your translation partner and their chosen translators need time to work with you to fully understand your requirements.

Discuss your brief and plan with your marketing translation company as soon as possible to ensure that your goals are achieved. If you are translating your website, consider how your customers will find you.

Keyword research should be done before your website is even translated so translators, reviewers and copy editors can carefully construct the web content around the keywords that your potential customers search for. ROI is important. Website source text should be signed off before translation to avoid additional costs.

What about style and terminology? Does your company have a preferred style? If so, sharing this could help the translation agency better create the content you need.  How about the technical aspect of your marketing planning? What other stakeholders are involved? Website developers, in-house design teams or even in-country people who want to be part of the translation workflow. All of this can be factored in to ensure the end result is what you want to achieve.



So, you have a great translation team, a great website and offline content to entice your customers to purchase. How is this all put together to make the marketing strategy a success? You will understand that any marketing strategy needs to integrate the whole marketing mix and not simply run around one or two elements. How do you monitor performance, check trends and see off the competition?

Strategise with your translation partner and start to incorporate checks and monitoring. Sign up to Google Analytics Academy, use SEO marketing tools such as SEMrush, and work with 6-month SEO campaigns, multilingual social media campaigns, email shots or blogs. These all help to promote areas of expertise and new product launches, and demonstrate just how good you are to your potential and current audiences. Monitor the results and this could be the key to global success.

What now?

ALM Translations partners with some great creative agencies, who of course know how to run successful campaigns. If your marketing strategy needs some va va voom, we can put you in touch with a few of our contacts. ALM has been successfully working with some of our content marketing agencies for many years.

Whether you are a digital transformation manager, an EMEA marketing manager or a digital marketing coordinator for a larger organisation and need a translation partner to work with your marketing department, look no further – ALM is right here!

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