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Sexy translations – making products desirable

The art of making your product irresistible anywhere in the world!

Posted 05 November 2020

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Do you want to know how translations can make your products more sought after?

In our experience, translation services don’t excite people. People looking for a translation or even a translation company to partner with don’t get pleasure out of buying translations. Certainly not in the way you do when buying a coveted product. So, how can we ensure customer satisfaction and make translation services more exciting?

Well, whether you’re selling a beautiful product like a luxury watch or a sought-after pair of trainers your loyal followers have been eagerly awaiting, or something practical like power tools, someone will want or need them.

Do you get the same buzz from buying hand sanitiser as you do a pair of expensive on-trend shoes or an artisan product or something that relates to your favourite collection or hobby? Probably not. There are things we need and things we want or desire.

Services are in the same boat. Hiring a nice car for the weekend is exciting, but something like getting documents translated is not really at the top of most people’s bucket list. But at times, the one cannot function without the other, a bit like any long-term relationship. You may have chosen your car after looking at brochures and websites which may not have originated in your native language. Translators and copywriters add the necessary sexy element to make a car just that – a bucket list wish. Creative translations can make your product or service desirable.

luxury marketing

So, we have to frame translation and marketing translation differently. We can sell hopes, dreams, beautiful products, everything on your bucket list, along with practical stuff that is essential to a specific group of people, all over the world through our language services. And even though we say so ourselves, we’re incredibly good at it.

How do ALM Translations turn translation services into a sought-after service?

Three things spring to mind immediately:

  • We help put companies on the map in other countries. Marketing is exciting stuff. Most brands have marketing campaigns to promote their products or services, whether those brands are considered sexy or not. Words and images are a big part of this. We do both – we craft and create in another language, and we can advise on the right sort of imagery for specific markets (which colours are preferred on websites, any colours that are a no-go etc.). Remember, your clients won’t notice translations that are seamless, as a translation. These are the best kind – especially when it comes to marketing.
  • Our ethos, developed over many years aims to adapt to our customers’ needs constantly. What was being translated even 5 years ago is very different from the type of work we do today. Digital adaptation has taken a quantum leap in a short space of time during the COVID-19 crisis (Source) because of the need to work, shop, buy essential products, learn, play, meet – in new ways. We’re embracing this change with a complete rethink about what we can offer our customers and how we go about it.
  • Our team is as cool as the teams who work for some of the best-loved brands in the world. That doesn’t mean we don’t maintain a high level of professionalism; after all, we’re working with B2B companies daily, but business is changing and people want business relationships with real people more than ever. Even the way people work and dress in the workplace has changed in the past few years. We’ve moved with the times and relate to our clients as individuals, whether they’re a large corporate or digital marketers from a small business.

As now is the time to push your business forward due to the current situation, keep calm and carry on marketing. Your marketing translation requirements should form part of your international strategy even more than ever! If you’re looking for a great team to work with, you know where we are (Contact us)

There’s plenty more essential reading available in the download area of our website and how to guide section. Here, you’ll find useful tips and guides on the best ways to translate, how to select the right translation partner for your company, how to write marketing copy for successful translation, international SEO, and more. We update this regularly with new information, so keep an eye out for more useful tips and advice.

This content is free to browse, and our downloadable content can be found here: how-to guides.


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