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Go digital or go dark – time to start digital evolution

How different ways of accessing online goods and services are going to be critical for survival in a digital world

Posted 26 November 2020

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Change has never been a new concept. So how do you stay ahead? In recent years, the once market leaders Yahoo and Blockbuster Video have been ousted by the likes of Netflix and Google. These are famous cases because both Yahoo and Blockbuster Video at one point in time had the chance to take Google and Netflix into their companies but decided against it.

Netflix logo

Blockbuster Video is a textbook example of what happens if you fail to adapt to a dynamic market; in their case, brought about by the Internet revolution and customer demand. Netflix was the first major successful subscription-based service in this sector, and other companies have since followed, allowing consumers to subscribe to multiple different services because they all have their own exclusive content.

This is also a market that has benefited from the current pandemic, as new consumers turned to streaming services in large numbers, for their entertainment needs.

As people now spend more time online, digital browsing and online shopping are unsurprisingly also at an all-time high. Amazon is another winner in terms of the volume of people accessing and using its services. AWS (Amazon Web Services) reported their turnover hitting $96bn for the last quarter and net income topping $6bn.

Because of the new ways we access entertainment, shop, work and learn, this is a major opportunity for companies and businesses to reach global audiences by going digital or rethinking their digital and technology offering. Go digital or go dark has never been more relevant.

Black Friday 2020

multilingual website

As Black Friday approaches, companies looking to claw back some of their 2020 losses will use this as the ideal opportunity for a boost in revenue. Could online shopping potentially save the festive season?

So, what’s important?

  1. Can your customers find you easily online?
  2. Is your e-commerce site prepared for the onslaught of additional traffic without the site grinding to a halt?
  3. Who is your intended audience – national or international, or both?

Is your multilingual website optimised to handle the extra traffic? If you are selling products, test your website loading speed.

There are already people saying we should boycott Black Friday this year. Still, with business revenues at an all-time low and consumers tightening their belts due to the economic impact of COVID-19, it is unlikely that consumers will take heed. Consumers will understandably be shopping around for the best deals.

From a seller’s point of view, events like Black Friday will provide much-needed revenue, and for the buyer, there will be the opportunity to stretch their Christmas buying budgets further.

Another key consideration for the future is how to reach a larger client base. If you trade in overseas markets, your website will need to be localised, not just translated. To find out more about translating your website, read our how-to translate a website guide. Did you know that people in international markets are more likely to buy products and services in their own language, even if they understand English? Website localisation is also a key consideration.

To get the best results in your principal international markets, localise/translate your website and run an international SEO campaign alongside this in the languages of your target audience. More information about international marketing will be coming to ALM’s site in the New Year. This will ensure that you can be found online and that your customers have the best possible buying experience.

If you have a multilingual website, how has this helped your company to grow? Do you analyse the statistics? Do you look at where your traffic is coming from and which products attract more visitors and for which country?

If you’re looking for website localisation and translation and would like to run an SEO campaign, contact ALM for more details.


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