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Don't leave professional translations to chance......

Posted 30 March 2016

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Quality counts…

Do you remember the fake sign language interpreter who was hired to interpret at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service back in 2013 who made headline news?

Not only was the interpreter not a professional, he made a mockery of an important event and offended much of the deaf community all over the world.

Hearing people with no knowledge of sign language would probably not have been aware of the disaster that was unfolding right before their eyes.

It didn’t take long for the deaf community to take to Twitter to voice their concerns and annoyance at their exclusion from the event’s commentary. A language barrier was created, in spite of efforts to do exactly the opposite.

The same could happen with translation into any foreign language. Say you had brochures or an e-shot translated for an important event, if you don’t read the language, it wouldn’t be until the material had been distributed that it would become apparent that there were problems, and by then, the damage to your brand would already have been done.

How do you know that a translated text that looks like French for example, actually means what you think it should or reflects the original source text if you don’t know the language?

One way of avoiding this type of risk is by buying from a professional translation services company, particularly for all important and high visibility translations. After all, you would be unlikely to use an unskilled worker for any other important job where there were potential repercussions.

Why buy professional translations when there are free options out there?

Translators have many years’ experience, are highly qualified and are specialists in their languages and fields of expertise. A translation company will actively recruit the best translators and will match a suitable translator to each individual translation request. This ensures that the end product is fit for purpose. Also bear in mind that professionals always carry out quality checks to ensure suitability of style and accuracy.

It isn’t a good idea to simply rely on something looking ‘right’ in a foreign language. You need peace of mind that the translation is accurate, a pleasure to read for the end user and is free from typos and grammatical errors. The translation also needs to do its intended job.

Among many other things, professional language translation services help you to:

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Communicate
  • Advise
  • Inform
  • Bid
  • Compete

Why risk quality? Contact ALM Translations to discuss your translation requirements.


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