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Retail Translation – How to Leverage Localisation to Expand Your Customer Base

Posted 29 June 2022

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When it comes to reaching overseas markets, language barriers are a significant challenge for marketing teams at retail brands.

To tap into new markets and expand their customer bases, retailers must ensure their brands are accessible to everyone, regardless of language.

The best international retail brands have successfully navigated this challenge by investing in language localisation.

Localising your retail brand means more than just translating your website or app into another language. It’s about understanding your target market’s culture, customs and preferences and catering to them accordingly.

That’s where retail translation comes in.

By working with a professional translation service, retailers can localise their content and make it available in multiple languages. This way, they can reach a wider audience and better compete in the global marketplace.

What type of translation services do retail brands need?

When it comes to creating international marketing content, word-for-word translations are often of little use to marketing teams.

As a result, traditional translation services typically fall short in their ability to adapt multilingual content for international retail marketing campaigns.

For marketing materials to perform in each market, you need translated content that is adapted to resonate on a local level with local consumers.

While some word-for-word translations may work in certain regions, you may need to take an entirely different approach in other markets.

This is where transcreation services come into play.

In other words, creative translation for worldwide markets.

Multi-purpose transcreation can strike a balance between brand consistency and tailoring content to different markets.

To connect with international consumers in a meaningful way, you must have access to transcreation services that can intelligently adapt your content.

Before we break down your options, let’s take a step back and consider the direct benefits of retail brands choosing to translate marketing and sales materials.

What are the benefits of translating retail brands?

Appeal to overseas markets

When you localise your retail brand, you can specifically target consumers in other countries.

This is a great way to enter new markets and grow your business.

If you are not marketing your retail brand in a consumer’s native language, key brand messages can get lost in translation.

By localising and adapting your content, you can better connect with potential customers overseas and show them that you understand their needs.

Understanding your target market is essential for success in retail.

When you localise your brand, you send a strong signal that you are invested in understanding the people you want to sell to.

This can go a long way in building trust and developing relationships with potential customers. This then ultimately helps ensure your efforts result in an expanded consumer base in each of your chosen target markets.

Communicate brand messages internationally

A well-executed retail translation can help you communicate your brand messages more effectively to an international audience.

This is essential for building a solid and recognisable brand identity.

By translating your content, you can ensure that your brand messages are communicated clearly and accurately to everyone.

Breaking down language barriers is essential to winning over new markets.

Improve online visibility

When you invest in retail translation, you can improve your brand’s online visibility.

This is because translated content is more likely to rank highly on search engines in other countries.

By making your content available in multiple languages, you can make sure that potential customers in other countries can easily find and engage with your brand online.

Translating your content into different languages may enable your marketing team to identify keyword opportunities with considerable upside in regional search engines.

When it comes to adapting content on your website, the most effective agencies will work with your SEO team to identify the best local keywords to target.

While certain keywords may have tremendous search volume in specific countries, different markets may present alternative opportunities with greater upside.

Through transcreation, an agency can identify the best local keywords to target in different markets and craft copy around these keywords.

How can you develop retail strategies in overseas markets?

You can leverage the support of professional translation services to develop retail strategies in overseas markets.

Working with a reputable translation service can help you localise your content and make it available in multiple languages.

When translating your content, it’s important to work with a service with extensive experience in the retail industry.

This will help you to ensure the content is translated accurately and effectively.

Why leverage ALM Translations for creative translation in overseas markets?

ALM Translations is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities of retail translation.

We have a team of experienced retail translators who understand the industry’s nuances.

They are ready to help you accurately communicate your brand messages overseas through transcreation.

Our in-house linguists understand the importance of localisation and will work with you to ensure your content is effectively translated for your target market.

We are firmly committed to helping our clients succeed in the global marketplace.

You can get the ball rolling today by requesting a quote for free.

Retail Translation

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