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Using AI Video Services in Internal Communication Strategies

Posted 09 January 2024

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Organisations are on the lookout for innovative solutions to streamline their internal communications, especially in multilingual settings. This article delves into how AI video services, supplemented with human post-editing by ALM Translations, are transforming internal communications, offering a balanced solution of cost-effectiveness and improved language quality for global companies.

  • How can businesses efficiently manage internal communications across diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds?
  • Are there cost-effective ways to rapidly disseminate time-sensitive internal communications without encountering language barriers?
  • How can internal communications be made more engaging and inclusive for a global workforce?

We’ll answer these questions and more.

This article is for:

  • Corporate communication leaders seeking innovative communication strategies.
  • IT professionals looking for scalable AI solutions in corporate settings.
  • Global businesses aiming to enhance internal comms in multilingual environments.

We recognise the challenges in connecting a geographically and culturally diverse team. This guide is more than just an introduction; it’s a comprehensive approach to developing inclusive, efficient and engaging internal communications with a blend of AI and human expertise.

AI Video Services in Internal Communications: Introduction

When managing distributed teams, effective communication is crucial. AI video services, complemented by ALM Translations’ human post-editing, emerge as an ideal solution. These services use artificial intelligence for initial transcription and translation, which are then refined by human translators to ensure clarity and cultural relevance, bridging language gaps effectively.

AI Video for Internal Communications: Key Benefits

Here are just of the benefits that come with using AI video for internal communications:

  • Enhances employee engagement through interactive and personalised video content.
  • Facilitates efficient dissemination of information across diverse teams and locations.
  • Offers real-time analytics to gauge employee understanding and response.
  • Streamlined training and onboarding with dynamic, AI-driven, human-refined content.
  • Encourages two-way communication, fostering a more collaborative work environment.
  • Increases accessibility to information with features like auto-captioning and language translation.
  • Reduces communication barriers, supporting a more inclusive workplace culture.
  • Saves time and resources by automating routine communication tasks.
  • Allows for consistent messaging across the entire organisation.
  • Enhances creativity and innovation in internal communications strategies.

Let’s dive into some of these further.

Boosting Efficiency

AI video services streamline the process of creating and disseminating internal communication materials. Through automating tasks such as transcription and translation, these tools significantly reduce the time and resources required to produce multilingual content.

Enhancing Engagement

AI video enhances engagement by delivering content in a more dynamic and relatable format. Videos can be personalised and made more relevant to different groups within an organisation, leading to increased participation and interaction among team members.

Evaluating Top AI Video Services: Finding the Right Solution

When selecting an AI video service, there are many important factors to consider, including ease of use, multilingual capabilities, customisation options, scalability and integration with existing communication platforms in your technology stack.

Implementing AI Video in Your Internal Communications

Integration Strategies

Effective integration strategies involve assessing current communication workflows, training staff on the new tools, and ensuring compatibility with existing systems. The best AI-powered solutions will seamlessly fit into your technology stack and enable you to hit the ground running.

Best Practices for Adoption

Encouraging adoption includes providing clear guidelines, demonstrating the benefits of the AI video tools, and offering ongoing support to staff. The vast majority of AI tools on the market come with little to no learning curve. This means that employees can quickly unlock the benefits of these solutions and leaders can start engaging team members in new ways, even from a distance.

Optimising Communication with AI Video Services

Tailoring AI Tools to Your Comms Needs

Customising AI video services involves aligning them with the specific communication goals and cultural nuances of your organisation.

Measuring Improvements in Engagement

To evaluate the impact of AI video services, companies can track metrics like engagement rates, employee feedback, and the speed of information dissemination. You can also measure the effectiveness of AI video services through productivity gains across your organisation, while observing noticeable improvements in company culture.

Linking AI Video Use to Comms Success

By leveraging these tools, organisations can create more dynamic and interactive content, leading to increased employee engagement and participation. This technology enables the delivery of tailored messages that resonate more effectively with different areas of your workforce, such as employees stationed in different countries or specific regions.

Conclusion: Embracing AI Video for Enhanced Internal Comms

ALM Translations offers a unique blend of AI video services complemented by meticulous human post-editing. While we initially provide raw outputs such as subtitles or voiceovers generated through machine translation, our experience shows that solely relying on AI may compromise the quality and clarity of key messages.

To address this, our skilled human translators step in to refine and polish the content, ensuring that the language is not just accurate but also resonates correctly with the intended audience.

This hybrid approach may not match the perfection of a full human translation, yet our clients find it strikes an ideal balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging this combination, organisations can effectively and affordably communicate in multiple languages, broadening their reach and enhancing their internal communication strategies.

With ALM Translations, you are not just adopting a technology; you are embracing a solution that effectively navigates and connects the nuances of language and culture in a global business environment.


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