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Capetown, South Africa

Using Localisation to Achieve Global Success

Posted 29 May 2024

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Consumers now have access to a global marketplace, and companies that want to thrive need to think globally as well. This presents a golden opportunity for growth, but it also comes with challenges. One of the most crucial, yet often overlooked aspects of international expansion is localisation.

Localisation goes beyond mere translation. It’s about meticulously adapting your product, service, and brand message to resonate with the specific language, cultural nuances and expectations of your target market. Imagine presenting a business proposal in Germany riddled with American colloquialisms or launching a website in China without considering mobile-first design preferences. These seemingly minor oversights can be the difference between securing a loyal customer base and alienating an entire market.


Table of Contents:

Why Is Localisation Often an Afterthought?

Despite its undeniable importance, localisation often gets relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. There are several reasons for this:


The sheer number of languages, cultural variations and regulatory requirements can seem overwhelming.

Lack of Awareness

Companies might underestimate the impact of cultural differences or simply not be aware of the full scope of localisation services available.

Cost Concerns

Localisation can involve upfront costs, leading some businesses to prioritise short-term savings over long-term gains.

These concerns are understandable, but they shouldn’t hold you back. Here’s how a modern approach to localisation can transform this perceived hurdle into a seamless springboard for global success:

Using AI For Speed, Efficiency & Accuracy

When it comes to the use of artificial intelligence in localisation, AI tools are not here to replace human translators and linguists; they’re here to empower them.

In many cases, AI can now instantly identify the target language, ensure consistent terminology across all materials, and even generate draft translations. This frees up valuable time for human experts to focus on the intricacies of cultural adaptation, ensuring your message resonates on a deeper level.

Think of AI as a tireless research assistant, scouring cultural databases and identifying potential sensitivities. It can analyse vast amounts of data to identify humour that might not translate well or suggest alternative phrasings to avoid unintended offence.

Only In-Market Human Translators Consider Cultural Nuances

While AI excels at speed and efficiency, the human touch remains irreplaceable. Experienced translators with a deep understanding of the target culture can weave the magic that truly connects. They can adapt humour, identify and address potential biases, and ensure your brand voice retains its unique character while adhering to local expectations.

In addition to traditional human-only workflows, we also leverage the power of AI to streamline workflows and empower our team of passionate linguists. We believe in the perfect marriage of cutting-edge technology and human expertise.

Using ALM Translations for Connecting with Global Markets

You should think of localisation not as a cost, but as an investment in your company’s future. By ensuring your brand resonates with international audiences, you unlock a world of potential customers and foster long-lasting relationships.

Localisation doesn’t have to be intimidating. ALM Translations is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from expert translation and cultural consulting to website localisation and SEO optimisation for international markets.

Let’s break down the barriers and unlock the limitless possibilities that await your business on a global scale. Contact ALM Translations today for a free quote and consultation.

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