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Video Localisation: Scaling Your TikTok & YouTube Shorts Strategy

Posted 11 April 2024

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The short-form video revolution has transformed the social media landscape. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts now dominate this space, offering creators a powerful way to reach global audiences. However, to truly maximise your impact across different demographics and capture new markets, video localisation is key. It’s the secret ingredient that allows your message to resonate with viewers globally.

ALM Translations works with in-market localisation specialists to adapt your video content for new audiences. We’ll talk more about how ALM Translations can enable you to scale your short-form video content strategy later. But first, let’s consider why localisation matters.

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Understanding Video Localisation

Video localisation transcends mere translation. It’s the process of thoughtfully adapting your video content to resonate with audiences in different languages and cultures. This encompasses everything from the spoken word to on-screen visuals, ensuring your message lands effectively across borders. Localisation means your videos feel like they were specifically created for each market.

Why Video Localisation Matters For TikTok and YouTube Shorts

Why should you invest in video localisation for your TikTok and YouTube Shorts? Here’s why:

Global Reach

These platforms boast massive, worldwide audiences. Localising content unlocks vast new markets and viewership, introducing your brand to communities across languages and cultures that were previously inaccessible.

Enhanced Engagement

Viewers connect deeply with content presented in their native language, boosting view times, likes, shares, and comments. This level of engagement helps you gain traction on the platform’s algorithms, leading to even greater visibility.

Increased Brand Awareness

Localised content broadens your brand’s visibility across regions, building a stronger international reputation. When audiences feel like you care enough to speak their language, it leaves a lasting positive impression.

Improved SEO

Localised keywords and metadata increase your discoverability in local search results. This translates to your videos appearing higher up when people in those regions search for related content.

Strategies for Scaling Your TikTok & YouTube Shorts Content

Here are effective strategies to help you scale:

Translating Captions & Subtitles

Accurate and well-written subtitles or captions are a baseline for video localisation. Use professional translation services to guarantee quality, avoiding the pitfalls of machine translation that can lead to awkward or even offensive phrasing. Remember, your goal is to create seamless experiences for your new audiences.

Adapting Visual Content

Visuals tell a story, so consider elements beyond language. Replace any text overlays with their localised versions. Be mindful of culturally sensitive images or symbols, taking the time to research your target market. Editing software allows you to swap out backgrounds or elements if needed to ensure cultural appropriateness.

Leveraging Local Trends & Cultural References

Localise beyond language. Tailor your humor to what resonates in your target region, reference local events or popular figures that the audience relates to, and even adapt your music choices to suit the vibe of the culture. This demonstrates a deep understanding and a genuine desire to connect.

ALM Translations Is A Must-Have Partner For Video Localisation

When it comes to building a global audience and breaking into international markets, video localisation is an essential part of successful TikTok and YouTube Shorts strategies. By investing in careful adaptation, you unlock new audiences, boost engagement, and make your brand a global phenomenon. It’s more than just speaking someone’s language; it’s about showing you care enough to understand their world.

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