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International PPC management for global campaigns

International paid search and display campaigns built by native-speaking experts. Engage with your multilingual audiences like a local.

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Scaling your business globally or finding it difficult to get results on your existing, international PPC campaigns?

PPC International, or pay per click, remains one of the most effective digital channels for driving targeted, multi-geo traffic to your website quickly, whether you are generating leads for your service-based business or selling products directly via an e-commerce store.

Whomever you are aiming to reach, knowing where and how to publish your message is critical to the success of any PPC ads campaign. Add in the complexity of a multilingual audience, and the need for an expert delivery partner is amplified.

Why use a translation & marketing specialist for your campaigns?

At ALM Translations, we understand the value of local knowledge and why it makes our services exceptional. When it comes to crafting ads for an audience abroad, having a native expert on your side who understands the cultural and linguistic nuances of your target market is a powerful asset.

Keyword research, audience selection & international PPC strategy

Keyword research makes up the foundations for your PPC campaign. A common mistake for many advertisers with a multinational audience is to conduct keyword research in English and replicate the selection for other languages by translating the English keywords directly.

While this saves on time and resources, it often results in sub-par results for non-English campaigns. Our team conducts keyword research in the mother tongue of your target audience to find the best traffic for your ads and achieve the lowest cost per conversion possible.

Ad copy & localised landing pages

Once your campaign keywords are finalised, our team will create word perfect ad copy matched with quality landing pages designed to convert your traffic into leads and sales. As with keyword research, our approach to copywriting is centred around producing culturally and linguistically natural text which will resonate with your audience.

Powerful PPC campaigns on multiple search engines

New markets around the world consume the internet differently, and in some countries, Google is not the dominant search engine. For example, Baidu has the largest search engine market share in China, whilst Yandex is the platform of choice for online searches in Russia.

ALM Translation’s pay per click specialists understand first hand where your audience can be found and how to get their attention. Each search engine has its unique functionalities, and by knowing them inside out, we are able to deliver outstanding results no matter where your ads need to be served.

Ongoing PPC optimisation & management

We optimise our international PPC campaigns on an ongoing basis throughout the month by A/B testing ads, continually adjusting keyword bids, creating experimental audiences and other adjustments in order to progressively improve account performance and make sure you don’t miss new opportunities.

Get better results from your global campaigns by using in-market professionals

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International PPC strategy

  • Simply translating keywords means missing out on search volumes and potential traffic
  • Local market teams research keywords directly in the target language
  • Ad copy created not translated to maximise CTR

International search engines supported

  • Yandex for Russia, Baidu for China, Yahoo for Japan and Naver for South Korea
  • Localised landing pages for best possible conversion rates
  • A/B Testing for continued account growth

Multilingual search, display and shopping specialists

  • Advanced tracking for increased transparency
  • ROI-led pay per click campaigns
  • Ongoing support and monthly optimisation

Discover how you can expand your reach online with native PPC specialists from ALM Translations.

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