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Multilingual SEO services - improve your ROI on your digital marketing

Five good reasons why you should invest in multilingual SEO services

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1. Multilingual SEO services will ensure your customers can find you.

Keyword research is not as simple as translating your keywords word for word and is not a standard translation service. Our researchers look for the most relevant keywords for your target market based on what people are actually looking for in that market.

2.  First-page rankings

Make sure you keywords and content are relevant. Multilingual SEO services increase your chances of being found in search results and of prospect engagement.

3. Harness your ROI

Being found is the first step, but by including informative content means your site will be far more likely to generate quote requests and leads or sales and revenue.

4. Create an international SEO strategy for the best results in a global market

Website localisation and rewriting web content around your multilingual keyword research are the best ways to make an impact in a global marketplace.

5. Keep things fresh

SEO should be kept up to date. Search terms change all the time and you’ll need to stay ahead of the game so that your customer is always be at the forefront of your website content.


So whats the cost?

Keyword research takes into account many items and simply translating these words will not result in the ROI you will be looking for. Individual language research on individual topics to establish search volumes and relevancy is the best method. Having experienced copy writers to ensure that the keywords are carefully written in to your online content is a must. The service is a premium service but, invest now, benefit later.


Why you should invest in multilingual keyword research and marketing services?

World Dots

Multilingual keyword research and marketing services by linguists who understand your market

Ensure your keywords are relevant to your target market.

  • No word-for-word direct translations, these simply don't work
  • SEO experts will research and test all keywords and create reports
  • Get real search volumes for the keywords that will drive traffic to your pages

Use your keywords in your online marketing and offline content

Your customers are searching for your product or service - make sure you're found!

  • Translate your pages around your keywords - get found!
  • Translate your ads around your keywords - make it worth the investment!
  • Translation Memory software is used where relevant to drive down costs

Do you need a full website localisation package?

Websites are tested for functionality and any language corruptions, as standard.

  • Websites are assessed on an individual basis
  • Maximise success by letting our technical team configure the best workflow for your CMS
  • Full website testing to ensure functionality prior to launch

If you’re looking for affordable multilingual SEO services to break into new markets, ALM will provide a transparent cost breakdown and timescales for your requirements.

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