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Electronics translation services

Electronics translation services for consumers and businesses - covering anything from cable management and switches through to robotics and precision components

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Do you have instruction manuals and other technical content? As an experienced translation agency, we appreciate that electronics terminology is specific, no matter the source language. It takes experienced linguists who specialise in electronics to produce translations suitable for use in the electronics sector.

In-market electronics translators

ALM only works with translators who have been tested by us in their subject matter expertise prior to becoming an approved ALM translator.

We also don’t use free translation tools. Instead, your translations will be handled by highly qualified, professional human translators with relevant expertise.

ALM Translations is the go-to partner of major players in the electronics sector, such as Legrand – a global electrical and digital specialist – and Renishaw – a renowned manufacturer of high-precision devices, which enable their customers to achieve their production targets.

ALM can provide translations of the following electronics texts and documents:

EMEA catalogue data

Our translators are highly skilled in translating EMEA catalogue data to ensure product listings are in the correct format for your target market, saving you time where you may have previously had to re-format translated texts.


Technical datasheets summarising a product’s specifications and performance for the end-user are essential documents. Accuracy is critical, especially at a professional level, as product applications will allow no room for error, for example, in engineering uses.


Circuit board diagrams and other technical drawings must be supplied to manufacturers and other end-users. Effective translation ensures your products can be produced and maintained effectively around the globe.

User guides & instruction manuals

Quality user guides and instruction manuals ensure your product can be effectively used and maintained safely by consumers. Our specialist team adapt your user guides and instruction manuals for your international markets, making sure your texts are both linguistically and culturally sound.


With your audience in mind, our website translation team can transcreate your original website content in order to localise your online presence, giving a better user experience while retaining factual information about your products.

As well as marketing translations, our clients have also benefited from translating their legal, e-learning and internal documentation.

Most document formats can be supported thanks to ALM’s continuous investment in the latest translation technology. Even the most complex web and software files can be translated, and programs such as FrameMaker and InDesign are supported across all languages.

Our aim is to offer you a seamless end-to-end service when providing electronics translation services.


If you’re interested in finding out how ALM can help you with your electronics localisation project get in touch today.

Electronics translation services – great reasons to choose ALM Translations

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Expert translators and reviewers

ALM’s translators are industry specialists with relevant experience

  • Translators are all qualified according to ISO 17100 standard
  • Professional translation of documentation from global marketing content through to technical datasheets
  • Proven experience working with large multinational corporate electronics clients

Obtain value for money without compromising on quality

ALM drives down costs and ensures brand consistency through the consistent use of industry translation technology

  • Costs are reduced but quality is never compromised
  • Workflows are created to provide the optimal turnaround times with quickest time to market
  • Brand representation is consistent whether in EMEA regions or the US, through the use of technology

Translations to cover all key areas of your business

ALM is an experienced translation partner within the electronics sector and can help with all types of documents from contract negotiations to end user documentation

  • Specialist marketing, technical and legal translators
  • Industry technology to handle all types of file format from XML and CSV to FrameMaker and InDesign
  • Improve your end-customer experience by working with a single expert partner

ALM is your go-to translation provider for all your electronics translation services. Contact ALM Translations or for a quick quote, please complete our form.

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Case Study - Renishaw

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All types of content translated, for marketing and other purposes.

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Desktop Publishing Services

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