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Engineering Translation Services

Technical translation for engineering documents from a specialist supplier with highly-qualified technical translators.

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Providing professional translation services for the engineering industry requires technical knowledge and close attention to detail with no room for error. Using technical terminology that is often unique to your company can pose a challenge for translators, and for this reason, we use a network of in-market professional engineering translators with a high level of experience of working within your sector.

ALM Translations’ solid background in quality document translation has been instrumental in securing the success of our clients across the globe, making us the go-to agency for engineering translations.

What work does ALM do in the engineering industry?

ALM has a proven track record in all types of technical documents and technical engineering areas including:

Multilingual shop manuals

Shop manuals are used throughout the world in various settings, and our translators with relevant engineering backgrounds ensure manuals are localised to use the most relevant terminology, which often changes quite significantly depending on the target language. As with all technical documentation, the need for clear and unambiguous language is high.

Documentation translation for specialist machinery

Accompanying documentation for specialist machinery such as crane equipment, plant machinery, and food processing devices is required to ensure the health and safety of its users, correct operation of machinery and ongoing servicing requirements.

Precise translations for engineering specifications

For civil engineering projects such as bridge construction and waterways, precise engineering specifications are created, and adherence to these specifications is often vital to the success of the project. This can be especially challenging in overseas settings, where contractors may not speak English. ALM’s specialists can provide precise engineering translation services to keep even the largest projects safely on track.

Technical Proposals

Using the best-in-market translators, ALM gives our engineering partners a competitive edge when it comes to supporting multilingual technical proposals.

Steam technology

Steam technology is used in almost every industrial process across the world, used for heat processes, to concentrate and distil liquids, or is used directly as a feedstock. All of the major industrial energy users devote significant proportions of their fossil fuel consumption to steam production, including food processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical production, petroleum refining and primary metal manipulation. With such a diverse range of applications, using translators with hands-on experience in these processes is one of the reasons ALM is trusted in providing engineering translations.

Typesetting and format

For the finishing touch to translated manuals, user guides and marketing materials, ALM’s multilingual typesetting service ensures that all your technical documents are delivered in a like-for-like format. Desktop Publishing specialists understand the constraints of certain languages and can work in formats such as FrameMaker, InDesign and are also able to localise CAD drawings.

Using the latest technology combined with human expertise

ALM Translations offers technically accurate translations, ensuring your engineering documents are understood by your intended audience. Expert human translators combined with Translation Memory software and terminology systems are used for the best results. This ensures that your specific technical terminology is used across all of your translations for the sake of consistency and accuracy.

Find out how our engineering specialists can drive your projects forward. Get in touch with us today.

Why choose ALM over other companies for your engineering translation services?

| ALM Translations

Expert ISO 17100-compliant translators and reviewers

Translators are all technical specialists in the engineering industry.

  • Translators are all qualified according to ISO 17100 standard
  • Engineering translation services available for operating manuals through to technical drawings
  • Translators only work into their native language and are subject matter experts

Use of Translation Memory software to drive efficiencies

Re-use your translations time and time again, with easy updates to content.

  • Reduce costs without compromising quality
  • Optimise workflows and reduce delivery times
  • Benefit from translation memory maintenance and terminology management

Translations for all key areas of your business

Translate all types of documentation within the engineering field from contracts to end user documentation

  • Specialist technical, legal and marketing translators
  • Industry technology that works with file formats such as xml, csv, FrameMaker and InDesign
  • Improve your customer experience with a one-stop specialist supplier

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Specialist Technical and Marketing Translations

All types of content translated, for marketing and other purposes.

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Desktop Publishing Services

Create like-for-like copies of your offline documents and brochures.

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