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Translations for the financial services sector

Professional financial document translation by a financial translation specialist

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Financial document translation is carried out by ALM’s hand-picked, qualified financial translators. At this level, translators that will accurately reflect the terminology and style used in the financial sector are required in order to maintain a professional standard.

Compliance with international financial practices is prioritised during the translation process, giving our clients peace of mind that they can rely on their translated texts no matter which language they are being presented in. Compliant with ISO 17100 and ISAE300 part II, you can be assured of quality translations for your financial translation requirements.

ALM works with linguists with specialist knowledge in a wide range of finance industry fields. Our work processes are tailored according to client needs, whether for internal use or for publication.

What Financial Services translation solutions does ALM offer?

Annual reports and accounts documentation

Annual reports and accounts are required for businesses to report company performance to shareholders (and authorities) on an annual basis. The importance of these texts cannot be overstated, and our team is highly experienced in providing accurate translations ideal for companies with international shareholders.

Due diligence reports

Due diligence reports are a key feature in reducing risk during business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. Investigative reports covering a company’s finances, operations and administrative vitals contain highly specialised language and a forensic level of detail which is reflected in ALM’s translator selection process and multi-level quality control.

Investment policies

Investment policy documents outline the fundamental philosophies and policies of institutions that invest on behalf of clients. Instrumental in securing trust in new and existing investors both domestically and internationally, ALM’s processes are specifically designed to provide high-quality localisation & translation of policies to maintain a consistent message in all of your target markets.

Banking and finance legal documentation

Financial and banking legal documents necessitate specialist local knowledge during the translation process to maintain regulatory compliance. Translated texts are automatically subject to ALM’s stringent quality assurance process to guarantee accuracy with every delivery.

Fintech translation services

Financial technology has grown exponentially as a subsector within the banking and finance sector over the last decade. ALM is continually striving to provide specialised translation services, and our team has access to professional translators who are experienced in working with even the most technical fintech documents.

Financial trading platforms

Financial trading platforms have recently become more popular with private investors resulting in the emergence of more user-friendly apps and websites designed to specifically cater to this end of the market. Our translators can provide multilingual, localised translations in a format suitable for all applications.

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Benefit from professional financial document translations from ALM Translations.

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Centralise your translation requirements

  • Save time and money with a central point of contact
  • Partner with an agency that knows your industry
  • Save time and costs with personalised Translation Memories

Confidential data handling

  • 100% confidentiality with a secure documentation service if required
  • All translators are bound by NDAs and framework agreements
  • Certification and legalisation services available

Guaranteed quality and accuracy

  • ISO 17100 certified translation services and processes
  • Strict translator selection and quality procedures in accordance with ISO
  • Translators are specialists in many different sub sectors of finance and law

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Document Security

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