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Professional Human Resources Translations

Supporting employers of multilingual staff. Support your employees with accurately translated HR documentation

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Ensuring your HR documentation is professionally translated means there are no misunderstandings in key areas such as employment contracts, employee handbooks, company policies and other related documents. If you employ multilingual staff, managing their HR expectations doesn’t have to be a headache.

As a multilingual employer itself, ALM Translations has first-hand experience of the need for clear and comprehensive HR documentation and communication. Investment in your Human Resources translations makes your employees feel valued.

Human Resources documents we translate

Compliance documents

HR compliance documents can be confusing at the best of times. This is only compounded when working with international workforces. Our experienced HR translators ensure all of your company compliance documents are translated clearly and concisely for your multilingual workplaces, keeping your operations compliant.


Workplace safety documents

Keeping staff safe is the priority of all employers. Health and safety documents help you to control risks and communicate safe working procedures. Many health and safety documents are also required by law, such as risk assessments and health and safety policies.


Employee manuals and benefits plans

Employee handbooks and company guides are effective for positively laying out an organisation’s policies and expectations, helping new staff understand how to conduct themselves appropriately within the workplace and what they can expect from their employers.


Insurance documents

Accurate translation of insurance documents such as employers’ liability insurance and private medical insurance is essential for multilingual staff and will help prevent any costly legal disputes.



Employment contracts make up the backbone of all human resources documentation, clearly defining the relationship between employer and employee. As a legal document, there is no room for error during translation. ALM’s processes are aligned with this mind to ensure all translated contracts are consistent with the source language.


Corporate websites

As the virtual shop window of your organisation online, for both clients and potential employees, maintaining localised versions of your website for your overseas audiences is an important factor in driving brand awareness and maintaining a presence in your key markets. ALM’s marketing & translation teams are experts in developing website content and improving your website’s rate of conversion.


Training programs and videos

As well as documentation, ALM also translates scripts for training and information videos. Time- coded documents for subtitling and voice-overs are also supplied as part of our service offering.

ALM has many years’ experience translating HR documents, working with global teams of specialised HR translators to ensure relevant and up to date terminology is incorporated into translations destined for your international workforce.


Get in touch with the ALM team to see how we can help with your HR translations.

Professional translation of important HR documents will save you time and ensure your staff feel valued.

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Specialist translators for HR documentation

Many HR documents are legally-binding and the language needs to be clear and accurate.

  • Only specialist professional translators will work on your translations
  • Work is carried out in accordance with ISO 17100 standard – your assurance of quality
  • Translation Memory software is used during translation to ensure consistency while driving down costs

Provide documents that you know will be as clear as the originals

Avoid misunderstandings and time-consuming questions.

  • Translations you can trust and rely on
  • As multilingual employers ourselves, we understand the importance of translated HR documents
  • Translators are recruited by a specialist translation recruiter

Ensure your policies are understood by all employees

Employees will feel valued and understand your terms and conditions.

  • Ideal for employees whose first language isn’t English
  • Professionally translated HR documents will save you time and money down the line
  • Investing in your HR documentation is an investment in your staff

High quality HR translations by the experts

Contact ALM to request a quote or find out more about our service.

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Secure Translation Services

Protect safety and confidentiality using sandbox technology and ensure your translations are dealt with in a secure environment.

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Legal Document Translations

Ideal for correspondence relating to court cases or other legal documentation.

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