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Professional Legal Translation Services

Legal translations for a variety of documentation from contracts to regulatory documents

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Professional legal translation services that are quick, accurate and reliable. Precision is paramount in any field of law, and as one of the UK’s most experienced legal translation providers, ALM Translations understands the need for fast turnaround times at competitive prices.

ALM is a professional ISO 17100-accredited legal translation company with proven experience working with clients in the legal sector. We use legal translator specialists, not generalists. ALM Translations’ legal translators are selected for their expertise and experience to provide accurate and professional translation services.

Which legal documents can ALM translate?

ALM provides a wide range of legal translation solutions, including the following services:

Commercial contract translations

Commercial contracts (or business to business agreements) come in many forms and involve two or more parties forming a commercial agreement. When operating in overseas markets, using an accredited legal translator is critical for ensuring frictionless trade. ALM Translations is experienced in working with all types of commercial contracts such as business purchase agreements, goods and services supply agreements, agency contracts and trading terms and conditions.

Lease agreement translations

Providing a legal framework that protects both landlords and tenants, lease agreements are a requirement for commercial and residential property businesses. ALM translates contracts for use both domestically and abroad.

Court document translations

Precise translation of court documentation and evidence plays a vital role in any case, and ALM understands the need for complete confidentiality and strict deadline control.

Terms and conditions translations

ALM provides professional translation of terms and conditions documents to ensure your business can trade safely around the globe, no matter which products or services you offer.

Regulatory document translations

We translate all regulatory (or essential) documents for use in a variety of applications in sectors such as life sciences, finance, food and drink and other highly regulated industries. Our localisation experts have extensive knowledge of local requirements ensuring that your documentation is compliant.

Certificate translations

Covering all forms of certification, including marriage, death, education and commercial certification documents, our team uses the latest technology and expertise to ensure high-speed and cost-effective certificate translation.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are a requirement in many situations, such as in an administrative or governmental context in certain countries around the globe. ALM uses in-market specialists to ensure local regulatory requirements are met.

Patent translation, including applications & disputes

With a full understanding of the complexities and technicalities surrounding patents, we have a team of specialised experts who are experienced in industry-specific patents, claims and descriptions, providing an expedited service to meet quick filing deadlines.

GDPR translation services

Following the introduction of the GDPR in 2018, it is a requirement for organisations operating in the EU to utilise new data processes to remain compliant. Our GDPR specialists can ensure your policy documentation is accurately translated into all required languages.

Our dedicated talent management team has built a solid team of legal experts over several years. All ALM legal linguists are tested in their areas of expertise and have a minimum of 2 years’ proven experience. Sworn translations are also available in many languages. ALM works to ISO 17100 standard and is also ISAE 3000 Type 2 accredited.

We advise against using free translation tools for professional legal translation. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there is the potential to lead to security breaches due to the way information in these tools is gathered and stored.

For projects with a large volume requirement, such as discovery information, ALM uses human translators assisted by translation technology tools where possible to ensure our usual high-quality standards are maintained whilst also being able to provide faster turnaround times at competitive rates. Secure translation areas and file share technology can also be created for you, for peace of mind.

Make ALM your legal translation partner today and get in touch to arrange a consultation.

What are the benefits of using a professional legal translation services company?

| ALM Translations

Centralise your translation requirements

Use a legal translation company with years of experience

  • Save time and money by using one company for all of your requirements
  • We build partnerships with our clients as their legal translation arm
  • Save costs and time through use of your own personalised Translation Memories

Guaranteed confidentiality and data security

Vital for legal materials; use our secure environment to keep your content confidential

  • Solutions to ensure confidentiality. Use of a secure documentation service if required
  • All translators are bound by NDAs and Service Level Agreements
  • Certification and legalisation services available (at an additional cost)

ISO 17100 - your guarantee of quality and accuracy

Your quality and process guarantee - working to tailored and efficient workflows

  • ISO 17100 certified translation services and processes
  • Strict translator selection: testing, monitoring and regulated quality procedures
  • Specialist translators in different fields of law

Contact ALM with details of your requirements and we will provide a quote with full cost-breakdown and recommended workflow.

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Professional Interpreting Services

Conference, consecutive, ad hoc, court and telephone interpreting by professionals for different requirements.

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Secure Translation Services

Protect safety and confidentiality using sandbox technology and ensure your translations are dealt with in a secure environment.

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