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Medical technology translations

Professional medical document translation by medical translation specialists

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Medical document translation is carried out by ALM’s meticulously selected, qualified medical translators. This level of expertise is necessary to ensure that the terminology and style used in the medical technology sector are accurately represented, maintaining a professional standard throughout.

Compliance with international medical practices and regulations is a priority during the translation process, providing our clients with the assurance that they can depend on their translated texts across all languages. Compliant with ISO 17100 and with specific adherence to medical translation standards, you can trust our quality translations for your medical technology needs.

ALM works with linguists who possess specialised knowledge across various fields within the medical technology industry. Our work processes are customisable to fit client requirements, whether the translations are for internal use or publication.

How can ALM help with Medical Technology Translation?

Clinical trial documentation

Clinical trials are critical in the medical field for the approval of new treatments and drugs. Our team is highly skilled in translating these complex documents, ensuring accuracy for multinational trials involving diverse participant groups.

Medical device manuals

The manuals for medical devices contain essential safety and operational guidelines and must be accurately translated to ensure user safety and compliance with international standards. ALM’s translators are proficient in delivering precise translations for these critical documents.

Patient records and reports

Translating patient records and medical reports requires not only linguistic accuracy but also strict confidentiality and adherence to healthcare regulations. ALM ensures that all translations meet these critical requirements, supporting healthcare providers in delivering international and multicultural care.

Regulatory submission documents

Documents for regulatory submissions must be perfectly translated to meet the stringent demands of medical regulatory authorities worldwide. ALM’s detailed-oriented approach guarantees that these documents adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Healthcare apps and software

The digital health sector is rapidly expanding, necessitating accurate and accessible translations of healthcare applications and software. ALM’s translators help make these technologies available on a global scale, ensuring all functionalities are clearly understood by international users.

Research papers and studies

Medical research papers and studies often need translation for publication in international journals or for sharing with the global medical community. ALM provides expert translations that preserve the original research’s integrity and scientific accuracy.

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Why choose ALM Translations?

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Centralise your translation requirements

  • Save time and money with a central point of contact
  • Partner with an agency that understands your industry
  • Save time and costs with personalised Translation Memories

Confidential data handling

  • 100% confidentiality with a secure documentation service if required
  • All translators are bound by NDAs and framework agreements
  • Certification and legalisation services available

Guaranteed quality and accuracy

  • ISO 17100-certified translation services and processes
  • Strict translator selection and quality procedures in accordance with ISO
  • Translators who are specialists in various different sub-sectors of medicine and healthcare

For a translation partner that understands medical technology, contact ALM Translations. Alternatively, for a quick quote, please complete our form.

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