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User guide and software localisation

Translate and localise your software applications. Internationalise user guides ready for international users.

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User guide and software translation require a specific approach. When localising, software must be adapted linguistically, culturally, and contextually, and technical aspects such as display format and string lengths must be considered.


Software translation and localisation services are essential for providing translated user guides and online help to your valued end users. It’s also vital that the complete globalisation workflow is correct from the outset through professional translation by a reputable company.


ALM Translations provides software and user guide translation for a variety of applications:


Web browsers

Although many internet users have become accustomed to using web browsers in English, providing your browser consumers with a localised, translated version of your software will help you to maintain a high level of user engagement and customer retention in what is a very competitive market.


Cloud and phone applications

Our in-house project managers and in-market translators can work directly with software developers to ensure a seamless process of translating your copy for non-English speakers. Thanks to our agile approach to project management and the use of cutting-edge translation software, we can scale our team quickly in line with your requirements with no downtime, no matter how large your project.


PC-based applications for CNC machines or cash counting devices

More specialised applications such as software for CNC machines or cash counting devices require experienced translators who have worked in similar environments previously. All our translators are rigorously vetted and trained to ensure translations are both accurate and consistent.


Touch screen applications for conveyors for the automated food industry

ALM translates projects using the latest cloud-based translation technology and a human translator to guarantee the best translation solutions for your software localisation requirements. This results in better delivery times, quality assurance and cost savings.


Multi-format capabilities

Your User Guide and supporting documents may be in file formats that require further engineering and post-production work. All formats are covered by ALM’s typesetting services (.indd .html .xml etc.) and are compatible with our money-saving translation memory systems. If you also require localised screenshots to be recreated for your target user guide, ALM can help with these as well. If you’re looking for further cost savings, ALM’s Project Managers are on hand to evaluate whether machine translation would be a good fit for you.


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Translation of software and supporting content all under one roof

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Expert linguists

Localised and adapted to your target audience.

  • Local language nuances respected in localised content for better user experience
  • Translators selected for expertise in specialised software localisation
  • In-situ review to ensure context appropriate translations

Bespoke workflows for every project

We create workflows that work best for you and your development team

  • Fully-qualified technical team to evaluate your project
  • Timings scheduled to ensure release dates met
  • Cost effective Translation Memory software to ensure consistency and accelerate time to market

End-to-end service

We work with your internal teams and provide localisation guidance every step of the way

  • Assessment and engineering by our in house engineers
  • Translation and review by expert teams
  • Functionality and testing as standard
  • Final sign-off and layout support

Specialist software localisation services for any industry

ALM Translations offers a wide range of user guide translation and software localisation services. Get in touch or request a call back to discuss your requirements further.

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Desktop Publishing Services

Create like-for-like copies of your offline documents and brochures.

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Technical Solutions From Our In-house Team

Our own in-house technical team can provide a range of solutions for your content.

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