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Using AI technology to complement our translation workflows

ALM Translations utilises AI-powered tools to enhance translation workflows and improve service delivery.

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At ALM, AI technology seamlessly complements our translation workflows where appropriate, enhancing efficiency and precision. Our AI-driven tools assist our highly qualified translators in accurately capturing complex terminology and innovative concepts inherent in various fields, ensuring translations maintain the highest level of professionalism and relevance.

We prioritise compliance with international AI development and ethical standards, ensuring our clients’ translated texts are reliable and appropriate in any language. Adhering to ISO 17100 standards, we offer trustworthy and precise translations tailored to specific industries.

Our translation workflows are designed to be flexible, catering to clients’ needs for internal documentation, public releases, or academic dissemination. Transparently integrating AI into our processes enables us to enhance the quality and efficiency of our translation services, providing exceptional value to our clients.

How does ALM leverage AI technology?

Voiceover and subtitling

We use AI technology to enhance our voiceover and subtitling services, ensuring quick turnaround times and high accuracy. AI assists in synchronising lip movements in any language and generating natural-sounding voiceovers, improving the quality and accessibility of audiovisual content.

Assistance with QA processes

AI tools have an important role to play in our Quality Assurance (QA) processes. They help identify inconsistencies, errors and improvements in translations, ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards. By leveraging AI, we can perform thorough checks more efficiently and reliably.

Content generation

Where applicable, we utilise AI for content generation to assist in creating high-quality, relevant content tailored to specific needs. This can include generating initial drafts or providing linguistic insights that help human translators produce better translations faster.

Optimising translation workflows

AI technologies streamline our translation workflows by automating repetitive tasks and facilitating better resource management. This ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Personalised translation memories

Our AI-driven translation memory systems personalise and enhance translation processes by storing previously translated content. This allows for consistency across projects, faster turnaround times, and cost savings for our clients.

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Why choose ALM Translations?

| ALM Translations

Centralise your translation requirements

  • Save time and money with a central point of contact
  • Partner with an agency that deeply understands AI technologies
  • Save time and costs with personalised Translation Memories

Confidential data handling

  • 100% confidentiality with a secure documentation service if required
  • All translators are bound by NDAs and framework agreements
  • Certification and legalisation services available

Guaranteed quality and accuracy

  • ISO 17100 certified translation services and processes
  • Strict translator selection and quality procedures in accordance with ISO
  • Translators are specialists in many different industries and sectors

Case Study

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Translation Management System

Centralise your translation projects using our Translation Management System and control your translation workflow.

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Secure Translation Services

Protect safety and confidentiality using sandbox technology and ensure your translations are dealt with in a secure environment.

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