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Translation Memory Technology

Save time and money without compromising on quality with Translation Memory technology - make your translation projects more efficient

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Translation Memory technology captures and stores source texts and their equivalent target translation as a human translator works on translating your content. Using this software can potentially save you a significant amount of time and money. Translation Memory technology is suitable for use with most document types.

After document analysis via Translation Memory, ALM Translations provides fully transparent quotes. These quotes show cost savings and aim to save you money from the offset. Not to be confused with Machine Translation, Translation Memory Technology is used by professional human translators. Your documents will be assessed for suitability for use with Translation Memory software and then analysed to check for repeated text. Cost savings can be achieved immediately in some cases!

Centralisation of your translation projects ensure consistency, correct terminology and quality, as well as driving down costs. This technology is the most efficient way of working for any company with a translation requirement.

The use of your saved Translation Memory assets maximises the number of pre-existing translations that can be leveraged.  Translation agencies that use Translation Memory technology play a key role for businesses that need quick, cost-effective results.

How can Translation Memory technology benefit your company?

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Drive down translation costs

ALM can reduce your translation costs through the efficient use of Translation Memory technology.

  • Quotes show full breakdown and discounts
  • Reduced rates for repeated text
  • Reduced rates for recycled content

Increase productivity and quality

ALM improves translation productivity and makes sure your content works for you

  • Increased translation output
  • Quality and consistency guaranteed
  • Terminology and style can be customised to your needs

Improved delivery times

TM technology gives you what you need only faster

  • Translate larger documents more quickly
  • Benefit from a centralised translation workflow
  • Quicker content delivery means efficient business decisions

Case Study - Ishida Europe

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Machine Translation Solutions

Bridge your content gap with ALM’s Machine Translation solutions. Combine Human Translation with Machine Translation.

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Translation Management System

Centralise your translation projects using our Translation Management System and control your translation workflow.

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Secure Translation Services

Protect safety and confidentiality using sandbox technology and ensure your translations are dealt with in a secure environment.

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