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Multilingual desktop publishing and CAD drawing services

For the finishing touches to your translated documents, take advantage of ALM Translations' multilingual typesetting services

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Looking for multilingual desktop publishing and excellent DTP services? Look no further, ALM has been helping its clients produce content and documentation artwork since 2002. Multilingual typesetting services are needed if you need to produce a like for like multilingual version for:

  • a page heavy product manual
  • training videos with embedded text
  • a presentation to a customer
  • beautiful Adobe Indesign documents
  • a complicated drawing that forms part of plans and proposals
  • and to translate technical illustrations

Whether you need print-ready documents with crop marks or you need them to be downloadable from your website, ALM Translations’ multilingual desktop publishing and CAD services can help.

The right tool for the job – avoid costly errors

The aim of multilingual typesetting and CAD (Computer Aided Design) services is to produce like-for-like versions of your original documents. If you have technical manuals, ALM will assess the source files and the amount of work to be done on each page and image. This will give you a fixed fee with no nasty surprises. Some elements of technical manuals take additional time and work such as drawings and images. Images can be edited also if the RAW digital file is available, if this is not available ALM has workarounds to achieve your multilingual desktop publishing service requirements.

High-end marketing materials can also be translated in Indesign (idml) format to support your global marketing document translations, ALM has the translation tools to translate technical illustrations and your multilingual typesetting projects.

Whether you are looking for Adobe Indesign translation or translation of Framemaker files, these are all formats that are compatible with translation memories and CAT tools (translation memory tools). This means that you don’t spend time copying and pasting which can result in costly errors.

ALM’s multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services are available in any language – as well as northern European languages, Eastern European languages such as Russian and Albanian typesetting services are available along with Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Supported file formats include:

  • Microsoft Publisher®,
  • Adobe InDesign®,
  • Adobe Illustrator®,
  • Adobe Photoshop®,
  • Adobe FrameMaker®
  • CAD (.dwg files).


Produce like for like versions with ALM Translations' typesetting service

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Add the finishing touches to your documents

ALM’s professional typesetting service ensures that the translated versions look just as good as the original

  • Our language specialist typesetters understand the challenges of working with different languages
  • Different formats across all languages is no issue (indd, fm, ai, dwg)
  • Documents are supplied in a final format to suit your requirements (online or offline)

ALM works with your source format, saving time and money

ALM can work with all artwork applications within the translation environment – avoid copy and paste errors

  • Save your staff precious productivity time as layout tidy-up takes less time
  • Free up internal staff to do other work and complement your in-house departments
  • ALM’s cost-per-page is reduced when working with original source files leading to cost and time savings

Recycle your artwork content through Translation memory

Process the source artwork with Translation Memory software, any repeated text can be effectively recycled

  • Drive down translation costs through analysis against company-specific translation data
  • Hook the review phase directly into the translation workflow, saving time and money by capturing preferred amends instantly
  • Improve time to market: your content will be in front of your customers quicker than before

Case Study - Ishida Europe

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Translation Memory Software

Save time and money without compromising on quality with translation memory technology.

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Does your website speak to a global market?

ALM offers a customised approach to translate your CMS to ensure your website communicates with your international audience.

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Digital marketing translation

Expert digital market and linguistic teams based directly in your target markets.

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